Date: 20th May 2009 at 12:35pm
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I don’t know how accurate this is, but I have inside word from ‘The Boss’ at one of Pompey’s big local sponsors (cant say who…sorry!), who was told by one of the big guys at PFC…

That we have actually been approached by a consortium from the US of A, like suggested in the NOTW.

I cant give anymore details like money involved or all sorts, I just know that maybe the NOTW have it right for once, and this could be a brilliant thing for the club!

Play Up Pompey!

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19 Replies to “Inside word on takeover…”

  • time will tell Pompey***** – i bet the F C U K gets blanked out when i type this…
    anyway, like i say time will tell and i hope and pray this info does come true mate – the word that i have is the talk about sacha writing off the loans he has given us and so on, the talks of £30m (so basically knocking £30m off the asking price) is also very true for a number of reason, one of which being he genuinely is gutted by the plight of the club as it is now and does wants something done before it gets worse…and it will without a buyer! also its a business thing too of course…
    at some £50-£60m, with half of that being what is owed to the south african bank that we have our loan with we are a very attractive proposition, even in this current financial climate – we have a redevelopment lined up, which will be 70% funded by the supermarket next door, still have some very good players so if these are retained and the revelopment pushed through along with the training ground, with the potential we have we are a find prospect for someone, compared with other options… then of course, assuming england win the world cup bid, in a decade or so we have a brand spanking new stadium built for us!
    i will take off my pompey specs now 🙂

  • Fingers Crossed!! i love summer gos.. well for the first few wks then it just gets depressing 🙂

  • Just lurvvvve the good ol’ U S of A. I wonder if the cheerleaders at HT of the Sunderland game were a welcome present to the new owners?

  • A takeover is what the doctor ordered but it has to be by someone with the resources to take us forward. As for the NOTW, the law of averages says that sooner or later one of their fabrications would have to come true, it’s the infinite number of monkeys and typewriters principal.

  • sashas dilema: Sell now at cut price, or risk not selling, us getting relegated (due to lack of funds), then selling at an even lower rate. it makes sense it most aspects, from a “love of pompey” to “love of money”

  • Will they stop selling pies and only sell hot dogs and apple pie? I could live with that…But I don’t want Nelson the dog being replaced by some lame clown (after all we’ve got one of those playing in the no. 6 shirt…)

  • I once joked that we’d get a bid from Bill Gates. In a funny way, I think I may have to eat my words. After all, didn’t his right-hand man once want to buy that lot down the road, only for them to turn him down? If it’s the same bloke, and we accept it, oh how they’d be weeping….

  • Bill Gates would be nice! Although i’d dread our new ground being called the RROD Stadium (if you have a 360, you will get what i mean).

  • I hope something happens soon, and when it does, its the right move for us. Doesn’t surprise me Sacha’s prepared to take a hit, he’s been fantastic for Pompey, if he hadn’t handled the current crisis so well we’d be in the same sort of trouble as that deckchair wearing lot. Like Dave, I suspected someone might have been waiting till we were safe. I’ll take yankee dollars – as long as they don’t rename us a ‘soccer’ club!

  • Andrew … I’m not even sure what a 360 is ?? – Americans eh.. well that could be fun “hey fella wanna see some quaint liddle team of the south coast of Engerland play soccer. It’s not quite gridiron but give us a couple of years and we’ll have them in shoulder pads”… Humm .. suppose beggars can’t be chosers… Maybe it’s a Middle East/American consortium Bill Gates and The Sultan of Brunei in a 50/50 split.. Man City .. hah !!! – We’d be considerably richer than yoo !.. more likely to be some rich celeb with nothing better to do .. In two years time well have Brue Willis and Arnie of the board and Sly Stallone in Goal ….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • they could call the stadium what they like as long as they build 1!!!

    getting your hopes up to soon lads

  • All sounds very promising! I’m just hoping that we don’t get renamed the ‘Portsmouth Pirates’ 😉

  • Well we do seem to be very popular on the Fox Soccer Channel! It’s where I can stream most my games from, you just have to allow for some interesting commentary before the game and during half time. “In this exciting match up” and over emphasised “Versus”

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