Date: 24th August 2012 at 1:34pm
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An article from pastyman72 summing up his feelings at the current time with a backing of what The PST is looking to offer finally understood – read on for more.

I’ve been working retail for 10 years, picking and choosing my games to fit my working hours, and have finally got out of retail and got my Saturdays back.

I went to Gibraltar with some mates, took my youngest to his first game for the Bolton pre-season game and talked my cousin into the Bournemouth game (he is a lapsed supporter of some 10 years!) and arranged for us both to meet again for the Oldham game too.

I’ve got to say, it felt like I’d fallen for the club all over again. I looked over to the Fratton End and felt a lump in my throat and was close to tears as, at 0-0, the whole ground erupted in a wall of noise in support of the club……. their club…….. our club more akin to a team celebrating winning the league, not playing their first game of the season. And in an instant, I thought “How can this disappear”?

I’ve long been sceptical of the Trust. I’ve always thought that it was about individuals getting their name in the paper and seats in the directors box rather than any meaningful attempt at running the club. Pie in the sky. A pipe dream.

In that single moment last Saturday I finally got it. The Trust just want to give my club a future and even if it doesn’t work out, they tried. And they tried because they caught the same bug as me. And there’s no cure for it.

Chainrai hasn’t got the bug. And it isn’t because he has used his millions to find an antidote. He never had the bug in the first place. He has shown with Portpin’s recent statement when “pulling out” of the bid the utter contempt he has for the fans, the manager, the team and the club. This man must not win.

I also used to be in the “anything but liquidation” camp. Now, I’d rather the man received nothing than the club fall into his hands again.

Written by pastyman72 and originally posted in this forum thread – here.

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12 Replies to “In that single moment I finally got it”

  • absolutely awesome post pastyman, one of the best i have read on the current situation and pretty much sums up how so many of us are feeling at this time!
    chainrai cannot return, sadly it looks nailed on he now will and it will destroy this club, finally finishing it off once and for all…

  • Liquidation over Chanrai? Sorry I dislike the man as much as anyone, but any way of preserving our 114 years of history, even if he buys it and sells it again like last time, all be it to a better owner than CSI turned out, then I’m sorry I cant agree. I do understand the passion in the story, as it happened to me 10 years ago. I had to stop going due to young family 20 years ago, and after 10 years of the odd game here and there, finally was able to get back to having a season ticket again, and have not missed any more than 1-2 games in the last 10 years. Therefore great article reference passion, but can’t agree with liquidation, sorry.

  • Having bumped into Pastryman before the game on Saturday I can more than vouch for the passion he showed even before the game so it comes as no surprise to hear that he experienced one of ‘those moments’ which is fantastic. … As for the liquidation part I’m very much with Midge.. can’t stand the thought of Chanrai back at FP but even if he does rape the club of all that is left as everybody seems to think. We have to look longer term and liquidation is still not an option for me… as for those that can see into the future and see us in liquidation in a few years time …. I say that you need to put your talent out there in the wider world as it is a great gift to be able to see into the future .. unfortunately I can’t do that, so as much as I dislike the man and his past record if he writes another crap chapter in the history of PFC .. then so be it .. there’s little I can do … but it will just be ‘another’ chapter in our long history PUP

  • .. and Rug .. “it will destroy this club, finally finishing it off once and for all” …. based on what exactly .. or do you have ‘the gift’ too ?.

  • Agree whole-heartedly, Chix. Perhaps Rug and co. can give me next weeks winning lottery numbers. Just one day, I’m not greedy.

  • gift? no gift but my humble is that it does not take a gift to see what the future holds and will bring under BC.
    BC’s previous, with his thoughts and actions – and before anyone says it i know he is not entirely to blame for our problems, pompey has had a pretty rotten core since before i was even born! – seem to make it clear what will happen next but hey ho perhaps i (and others, with this gift 🙂 that is spoken of) am wrong…

  • chixy and/or blue, ok in the interests of fairness get some thoughts up as a front page article to try and give this issue some balance – comments alone do not always, if ever, do this so it would be interesting to get some front page article comments out there on this issue…
    obviously chixy you have login details to post your own but blue if you put something down and email i will happily publish!

  • I’ll try this question again; if we are liquidated in September what happens to my season ticket money? If, in those circumstances I would lose it then, welcome ANYBODY that keeps the club afloat. If I would get it returned then bu&&er of Chanrai. Sorry Ruggers, but having coughed up hard earned money, it is that which now makes my decisions for me. PUP & PST.

  • Et-Tu .. your money (and mine) for ST’s is held in a separate holding account .. if the club goes under we get the balance back .. Exactly the same set-up as last year.

  • Ruggers.. I have no ‘view’ to post on the front page other than those making rash statement about ‘never’ attending Fratton park again are IMO a bit nutty .. My only point is that nobody can see into the future – BC could takeover one week take 6 million out of the club and then sell to the trust the following month.. and we would never see him again …but large number of people who have said ‘They will never set foot inside fratton park again’ will have egg on their faces if they do wish to ever return. I guess all I am doing is advising those making ’emotional’ statements to consider the long term impact of what they are saying

  • a fair comment chixy, but surely those kinds of views are what we then want to see put up as an article?
    it is a view and opinion that i want co-eds, and members, to share – that is the whole point of vital for people to do that…
    like i say comments are all well and good but the articles, even if people are not commenting on them, is what really gets people so putting down these thoughts in that format would be ideal!

    tbf tho are people saying they would never step foot in fratton again, from where i view it (and a possible personal stance) this was more a case while BC is on the scene.

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