Date: 26th September 2012 at 6:00pm
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These words ‘I’m not reluctant anymore. I’ve changed my mind’ pretty much, for me, sum up exactly why Balram Chainrai SHOULD NOT be the next owner of Pompey…

I find it hard to believe these are genuine thoughts and are anything other than just thoughts he gives to give a view he feels people want to hear and will fall for!

Among other things Chainrai, on Tuesday, told The BBC: ‘the club has no value in League One. Everybody knows that.

‘So I’m going to put money in to return them to their glories and then sell the club. But who knows? I might enjoy it so much I won’t sell it.

‘I’m not reluctant anymore. I’ve changed my mind.’

So, Chainrai you have suddenly gone from a self-confessed ‘reluctant owner’ who just wanted back in to ‘protect your investment’ into someone who ‘cares’ and wants to ‘put more money in’ to build us up again!

Ok Chainrai, whatever you say…

He also said that the ‘in-fighting’ and ‘lack of actual money’ meant that The PST’s bid had ‘no substance’ and would fail: ‘PKF weren’t able to confirm PST as preferred bidders because its offer has no substance.

‘(PKF) realised that once you start the due diligence on the trust’s offer, there is no actual money in place and there are about 30 of them all trying to run it. You can’t run a business like that.

‘We have the money and experience needed to take the club back where it belongs.’

Yep, previous certainly shows what you are capable of!

In the interests of fairness, when a takeover is based largely on ‘pledges’ I once more have to say that it is indeed difficult to know exactly what funding is in place but what I know, well believe is, that a fans run club continues to give us the best chances of a long-term future as a club, and probably the creditors too…

Colin Farmery hit back, saying: ‘I am a bit bemused by Mr Chainrai’s statements. The last time we heard from the administrators there were no issues in terms of our bid stacking up financially – and the Football League has made it clear they have no issues either.

‘As for ‘in-fighting’, nothing could be further from the truth. PST has been consistent throughout in our belief that we offer the best deal for creditors and the club. We are completely united in our goal.’

I am glad to see that, eventually, more voted in favour of The PST than Chainrai in our most recent poll, details below…

What the poll asked – Who do you want to takeover?

How you voted – PST 40%
Chainrai 36%
Anyone that can give us a future! 10%
Portco 9%
Mystery sixth bidder? 3%
SAF 2%
Bassini 0%

My views on Chainrai are pretty clear, but for a while I really feared that more on Vital genuinely wanted him back than not!

He, Chainrai, does concede that he might not pass the fit and proper persons tests though, which he would not do so if it is proven that he – and/or Portpin’s – actions have twice resulted in us going into administration.

Without a shadow of a doubt they once put us into admin, if they indeed played enough of a part in us going into admin again when CSI owned us then they would be ‘disqualified’ from being our owners under fit and proper test rules!

The football authorities have let us, and others, down – us more than most! – so I do not hold my breathe about them getting it right this time mind!

There is, whatever happens (and whoever takes over) still a long old battle ahead methinks and regardless as to which one, The PST or Balram Chainrai, gets the nod a probable court battle will follow…


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