If You’re Asked To Do Your Job, You Do It


So, after the weeks – or is it months even?! – of speculation surrounding Conor Chaplin, we’re seemingly at the end game.

Having been linked with a move away from Fratton Park for much of the summer, Chaplin had found himself in the Pompey matchday squads, which perhaps suggested he wasn’t going to leave after all? Well, certainly as he didn’t leave ahead of the transfer deadline.

However, Saturday’s omission from the squad that travelled to Doncaster was the strongest indication thus far he would, in fact, be off?

Kenny Jackett has since confirmed Chaplin wished to be left out of that squad as he wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Some feel, whatever is going on, Chaplin should have sucked it up and got on with it.

Personally, I feel Chaplin should have made himself available for selection. Admittedly, I do feel for him as all he wants to do is play football, which doesn’t seem too likely with Pompey now. If you are in a job though, you do it, so I think a footballer shouldn’t be any different. Then again this is the modern age of football for you, right? Also, to be fair, if we were adamant he was going, even if Chaplin didn’t want it, would we have selected him with interested parties in mind?!

All this said Jackett did stress he will ONLY sanction a move if a replacement comes in and is best all-around for Pompey. Certainly, a view others agree with, as do I.

When you take all into account though it does very much look as though this Chaplin exit is set to happen ahead of the loan deadline this week…

Yes, as I’ve said several times, Chaplin’s a footballer I’ve always had very high hopes for and felt would have a great future in the game, but the past few years haven’t seen him move beyond the positive start he showed on the south coast. In fact, would it be unfair to say he’s regressed as a footballer? Therefore leaving Fratton probably is best for all concerned.

Regardless, no footballer is also bigger than this club, a view shared on social media by some too.


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