Date: 7th August 2008 at 1:04pm
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As I have said more than once recently the ‘silly season’ really is frustrating me, so the sooner we can just get back to playing football and not worrying about ‘who might sign’, ‘who is rumoured to be signing’, ‘who will not be signing’ along with those that might going the other way as well etc. the better…

Harry Redknapp might have today said that as we do not have the money we will miss out on Nicky Shorey – who he says will go to Villa, also saying that at the moment Villa are also ahead of us in the race to sign Younes Kaboul – who I still think we will sign – as well, but what he says is not always true, but even if it is it will not be the end of the world… However he also said that Sasha Gaydamak cannot be blamed for the lack of funds, as he does continue to plough money into the club and cannot keep doing this without some return, so others need to go before further reinforcements ‘might’ arrive – but until he shifts them he cannot do anything.

I maintain my thoughts that I think we are a better team than we were a year ago, maybe the defence might be getting older and slower but as much as I would like to see further arrivals if we do not see anyone else then I will be content with our lot and still believe that our current squad is good enough to more than hold its own in the top 10 again, and is good enough – if we get it right – to finish in the top 6, despite Redknapp often claiming otherwise! We all know what he is like but I often stop paying attention to his negative comments and downplaying of things, I think the fella is a genius but needs to learn when to button it as we – and the players in his squad – do not really need to hear some of the things he comes out with, even if they are taken with a pinch of salt…

People might argue that technically we have not spent any money this season as despite signing Peter Crouch we have sold Sulley Muntari so we have broken even, but we also have to take into account that we have a wage bill that runs into millions of pounds a month, a youth side – that will bare fruit! – is being bankrolled with players added to this all the time and our new training complex must be paid for as well, and that will set us back plenty of millions!

Recently I have said that I do not think that Peter Storrie promising earlier in the summer that we would sign ‘3 top class’ players helped, and whilst I think that the guy sometimes gets an unfair amount of stick this did nothing to quell the expectation levels and left many, myself included maybe ‘expecting’ £20m spent again this summer… Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I wonder if he sometimes thinks ‘I wish I could go back and rephrase what I said, or not have said it at all.’ That said Crouch fits the bill and although he is only a loan signing Ben Sahar is not looking too sluggish is he so you could argue that is 2… I believe that Glen Little is a good signing, but not in the bracket mentioned.

There is plenty of money in football these days but the credit crisis is also hitting football – or at least will – so what would you rather, all our eggs put in one basket and maybe see the bottom fall through and good only knows where we would end up, or play things as we are to maintain standards and remain on a safe footing – I know what I would prefer having seen some of the real dark days in this clubs history!

Yep, I feel that our squad is as good as anyone else in this league – clearly outside of the top 4 but on our day we can match them as well. I think that people within the club should stop talking and coming out with this and that, just let things happen.

At the end of the day aside from Spurs – who always spend a lot of money, but has it done them a lot of good! – others that are talking the talk, such as Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Citeh and so on are not really spending large amounts of cash are they and are not really getting that many targets that they want either. Maybe other clubs are such as Sunderland – who will probably have a good season – are, but they had to spend big money as they are trying to make up ground, and there was a fair amount of this between them and the next tier in the premier league.

I would love to see an arrival or two, but I do not feel that we should be downcast if this is not the case as we still have a squad packed with quality that I am more than happy with.

We are still improving as a club. We have plenty of young talent coming through that should start to make inroads into the 1st team shortly – some could even make small steps into it at stages this season as if they are good enough they are old enough. We are as good as the clubs that we will be challenging this season for these uefa cup places and so on, so lets focus on the positives and try to block out the negatives that are bandied about and look forward to the season ahead.

Yes we must aim high, and why not, but we also need to step back sometimes, not taking this ‘we are little Pompey approach’ – as that is wrong – but maybe take stock and think ‘things really are not that bad are they’…


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