Date: 25th April 2011 at 5:38pm
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If there was ever a time for a protest against Chainrai, it’s now says Dan Brett. Read on for more.

With the proposed deal seeing Vladimir Antonov and Convers Sports Initiatives taking over Portsmouth Football Club seemingly on the verge of collapse, it seems the time is now for Pompey’s loyal supporters to make their feelings known to the current regime.

A statement on the CSI facebook page today read: “The acquisition of Portsmouth Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov and its control by CSI is on the verge of collapse.

CSI and its shareholders have passed the so-called ‘fit and proper test’ English Football League and have provided all the necessary evidence of their own stable of Finance position, but the real owners of Portsmouth Levi Kushnir and Bali Chanray decided once again to change the terms of the deal and asked for an additional 3 million pounds a preliminary agreement (about 10% to the price originally agreed upon). CSI and Vladimir Antonov, refused to review the conditions and ready to get out of the deal, reports

The deal was previously believed to have been finalised this week, with all parties passing the FA’s ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ Test’ and due diligence, with Antonov flying into the country this week to put pen to paper, allowing his firm to take full control of the South Coast side.

CSI’s interest was first flagged up also on the social networking site, after owners Antonov and Roman Dubov both announced Portsmouth to be their ‘favoured clubs’, before reports of interest had been leaked into the press, following a failed takeover at Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers.

This comes as another blow to Pompey, who had previous ‘interest’ from 21-year-old Tom Lever and Rob Lloyd, however both deals failed to materialise, following what has been a torrid few years of false-takeovers, false-owners and lacking investment.

This news came shortly after Portsmouth took a point at Turf Moor, after a 1-1 draw with Burnley. David Nugent had put his side on their way to victory in early in the second half, however Chris Eagles equalised for the hosts, picking up a vital point on their quest to make the play offs. Nugent nearly won the game for Pompey with three minutes to go, however was unable to beat Brian Jensen.

Brett’s Babble:

The time is now. We simply cannot afford to sit on our hands any more and allow the current regime to ruin the club of any chance to rebuild over the summer. I’m not one who has previously stated the need to protest, however have been present at those that have taken place, but enough is enough.

We only have one more home game before the summer, which although has been labelled as ‘Fans’ Day’, could be the perfect setting to allow Portsmouth and its supporters to have the last word on the season, in a game that will already have much press coverage with the Sky cameras rolling in, with Norwich looking likely to be promoted to the Premier League, or at least, make the play offs.

It will take a big effort and a lot of organising, however the protest against Al Faraj and Storrie was a complete success. The last protest was also a success in getting the message across, however one on a much grander scale is needed, fully showing the support for the club but also for those prospectively taking charge.

They need to realise what they’re buying into is more than just a football club and slabs of concrete in Fratton – they need to realise the true support we have down here, and that we won’t take these matters lightly.

Written by Dan Brett.

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    9 Replies to “If there was ever a time for a protest, it’s now!”

    • Hopefully more ‘hot’ air. BC does NOT want us and is still paying the wages for which he should be thanked

    • Maybe he asked for that extra £3m for the best of the club! Cos Chainrai did say he wanted the best deal and not just anyone. But i don’t think we should protest, not just yet and not on Fans day!!

    • PFC I don’t think this was a call to arms, I think it’s more a case of, if true, it’s time to let CSI know that the fans are not happy if the posts are moved unacceptably. Hopefully it’s just speculation rumours gone mad again.

    • if its true that Chanrai and co have asked for £3mil more then for once i completely agree with protesting (1st 1 i will support btw) and i also think it would be the perfect time to do it, fans day in-front of the sky cameras hell yea! let em really know how we feel on the biggest stage possible! it might even be enough if we’re clever with it to get Chanrai to back down (small chance i know but worth it). really shame if it is true and not just brinksmanship cause up till now i truly believed Chanrai was 1 of the good guys in all this

    • To be honest, i still think Chanrai is one of the good guys, i dont say he wanted to get involved, or if he did, i dont think he walked in as blind as he makes out, but i do think he got saddled with something bigger and deeper in trouble than he thought. But i think he has done right by us, and its Kushnir i think is playing hard ball. Then again, we dont know all the facts, and it could be that Chanrai was prepared to LOSE £3m, and Kuchnir has put a block on it? Time will tell.

    • Latest rumours are this is the Commision on the sale, and the dispute is who should pay it. Portpin saying CSi and CSi saying Portpin, therefore it could be just a case of ironing this out, with CSI threatening to walk away purely a case of brinkmanship. Probably will be settled but agreeing to pay a percentage each?

    • What I dont get is that apparently they are asking for another 3 million, (10% more).
      Well that makes the deal 30 million then, 17 million back to Chanrai so its 13 million for the club and assets as it stands now.
      Well in two weeks time the assets will be reduced as we will be left with only 8 -9 players so the value will surely have to come down.
      Its in Balu”s best interests to grab and run or face losing more money or having a club that will go out of existence as he wont put more money in to strengthen.

    • We don’t actually know what is going on. Any more than we know for sure whether this potential takeover is going to be for the best or not. I chose to believe it will, but then i thought that about Al Fahim and Al Mirage as well. I’m sure a lot of deals like this hit ‘bumps in the road’ as part of the negotiation process. We really shouldn’t panic. And what would protesting actually achieve anyway?

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