Date: 21st August 2009 at 2:09pm
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jim4pompey asks the question ‘if Storrie is focused on buying the club – who is buying the players?’

So Storrie stated over a week ago now that Monday this week he’d be abroad closing a few deals for players – two to be specific.

Yet so far we’ve seriously been linked with Dindane, a resurgence for M’Bami and the Bolton pair (which he would be heading in the wrong direction for closing that deal).

M’Bami and Dindane I’m interested in Sh*ittie and the other one… not so.

But it seems quite obvious that far from being on club business abroad closing deals – Storrie is on his own business closing a deal for Pompey.

Now I’d be the first to swap players for club stability right now and shut up the stupid pundit talk of relegation due to an unsettled squad.

However, being a cake and eat it man – who is out there doing the loan and try before you pay deals on the players we OBVIOUSLY need to compete in this league?

Specifically, cover at left and right back (given both our first choices are out injured currently) – a first choice RIGHT WING and a first choice strike partner for Piquionne?

We need at least four and in those positions. And preferably cover at CB (no, not Shittu).

So on one hand happy at an end to this unfortunate Pompey sale sage but unhappy that it would appear that our main transactor is otherwise engaged when we need some much needed reinforcements (is it a coincidence that transfer rumours have been few and far between while Storrie is distracted?)

Written by jim4pompey.

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25 Replies to “If PS’s focused on takeover who’s buying players?”

  • Never thought of it like that Jim, but you are right. Storrie is paid to get us players, not negotiate his own deal. Maybe, I could volunteer to help out? Come on lads, who do you want?:-)

  • Mixed feelings, guys, as long as it comes right in the end, I don’t care what he does. When it comes down to it, we could do a lot worse (and have done) than Pete in any capacity.

  • yup, peter storrie is clearly out there closing deals – and lets hope he closes the big one quickly – that way we will hopefully have money to burn, and someone to burn it! Who’s closing the deals right now? well, I would like to think that storrie was so confidant the deal would go through SOON, that there is no point bringing in the cheap rubbish we can afford now, when in a couple of days time we will be able to bring in expensive(ish) talent.

  • TO CLARIFY – I will be ecstatic is PS takes over and brings stability. I have no doubt he’s doing this for the right reasons and would love to have someone with his history with the club in charge.

    I was merely pointing out – it’s a bit worrying with only 10 days to go… but then that’s a long time in transfer terms

  • I dont think storrie would have put out the statement on the official site about his takeover bid unless it was a done deal. He’s seen how prematurely announcing these things can backfire (Saf) and we all know how he keeps his cards close to his chest. I reckon its just dotting the T’s on the takeover and he’s busying himself with getting some players to keep us in the prem.

  • Fair play to the bloke, he’s more than capable of doing both and would not be doing himself any favours were he not lining up new signings.

  • carpet makes a good point. Storrie knows how close the deal is, and knows whats available, so hopefully it’ll mean we’ll get players who are fo good quality.

  • It’s a good question, apparently SAF people were talking to Zaki and someone is in France awaiting a finance propsotion for mbami and/ or dindane butcould be cheap journalism

  • You may have noticed that I have been relatively quiet on the forums this week .. I’ve been helping Pete with the deals .. trouble is my French ain’t that good, my Spanish worse than that and well .. my English !.. but the good news is I’ve lined up a German.. Sorry fellas it Bopp !

  • Storrie is frustrated like most of us because there is no cash to get in new players. For him to go and look for an alternative means that he had/has serious doubts about Fahim’s take over. So, I think that it is better to seal off the club’s deal rather than go looking for players, find them and then have no money to buy them! Have you ever thought of going shopping without any money??? NO!

  • My wife thinks about it all the time Malta .. but never seems to happen .. I therefore conclude that you are indeed spot on on this one

  • If Peter Storrie can dig out a deal for new backers and Houdini Hart can keep us in the top flight they should be given the keys to HMS Victory if Jamie’s Dad can have the freedom of the city for buying us the FA cup and leading us to the brink of receivership

  • Players ? what do we need them for ?
    Pensioners thats better we will bring a new meaning to the saying the oldest team in the league .

  • the thing is their is some grest deals to be had out their if we have 20million to spend i would rather get a few in for free and loan average players then spend the full 20million on 2 class players who will keep us up.. same goes with if we had 10million spend it on two 5million players and get a few frees and loans>>??

  • >>INS<< M'Bami zenden free zaki loan gutierez 5m nolan 4m dindane 4m taylor newcastle 7m samba 6m

  • outs distin 6m krankjar 8m nugent 4m

    if they dont want to play for us then sell em and cash in portsmouth fc is a business always has been always will be. why lose 14million pounds worth of assets next year when we can sell them and replace them now.

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