Date: 2nd June 2007 at 10:16am
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The England door is open to David James – if spineless Steve goes! Not my view, yours – although these findings from the poll are thoughts I also share.

Steve McClaren has repeatedly said that the England door is shut on no one – his decision to recall David Beckham somewhat backs this claim – but he has also said players will be picked on merit, on how they are performing for their club sides! He clearly hasn’t seen a great deal of Pompey this season then has he as James has been right up there with the very best.

It is understandably that McClaren is looking to the future but within reason age should not be a factor when selecting what are the best players – especially when a keeper is concerned as most play on a lot longer, even more so when you say yourself – as McClaren has – that players will be picked on form.

The door is not fully closed on James – but is as near as – and he will continued to keep plugging away in the hope of getting back in but I find it hard to believe McClaren will backtrack for a second time, bringing back Beckham – and rightly so on this count – is probably about as far as he will go.

How you voted – open – if spineless Steve goes 77%, shut, locked, sealed and impenetrable 9%, ‘It has never been closed’ – apparently 6%, shut and locked 3%, open – if others are injured 2%, shut but not locked 2%, shut, locked and sealed 1%.

Current Poll – With Kanu and Svetoslav Todorov basically told to take it leave it with the contracts they have been offered by Pompey, a final decision on their futures is likely very soon.

Some will be for one or both to stay – some will be for both to go but ‘will Kanu and Todorov sign new contracts with Pompey,’ let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.