Date: 27th January 2007 at 9:13pm
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Really no player should be assured of a place in any side but the simple truth is some are and that’s the way it has to be. In my view David James, Sol Campbell, Pedro Mendes and to a lesser degree Kanu are the men that systems, being rested, suspended etc. permitting will almost certainly be the first names on the Pompey team sheet with several others closely following, but one man that should be worrying I think is Glen Johnson!

I’ve probably not seen the guy nearly as much as half of you on this site I’m sure but almost every time I’ve seen the guy play he’s had a nightmare, and I don’t just mean once or twice. Pretty much every match I’ve seen Pompey play this season he’s been shocking, bordering on poor at times. He’s looked lazy, casual on the ball and void of any real idea as to what he should do; often thinking he has more time on the ball than he does.

There is no doubting that he is a player of quality, he’s played for England and has the potential to do so again but as keen as I was for him to sign permanently I’m starting to be less and less concerned with the fact that he will almost certainly go back to Chelsea. He’s young, but has been around long enough to know better but to me his attitude isn’t right, seems like he needs to grow up a lot off the field which could be holding him back on it?

With Dejan Stefanovic coming back, Noe Pamarot proving himself more than capable of playing on either flank, Lauren even more so yet much more at home on the right, the arrival of left back Djimi Traore and the ability of Matty Taylor to play as a left back we will soon have more than enough options to be able (should Harry so wish) to play a fully recognised left back as just that leaving several others battling it out for a place on the right hand side.

Personally I don’t think it fair that Sean Davis, Pedro Mendes and Gary O’Neil have to fight it out for two places in midfield when Lauren is more than at home playing as a right back, so if Johnson doesn’t improve (again I stress that I haven’t seen him as much as many of you but have still seen more than enough for it not to be just the “odd” off day) then his place has to be questioned. If we would be better off with Lauren playing in midfield with one of the three mentioned missing out as a result and Johnson playing right back then I’m all for this but I’m having serious reservations about this being the case with Johnson retaining a place if it makes us weaker at the back as a result…

I’m sure this opinion won’t go down well but it should start a healthy debate nevertheless?