Date: 9th April 2009 at 3:35pm
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…I’ve just been thinking about the summer transfer window, and who we could sell/buy etc.

It seems that Kranky may soon be leaving us, with a reported £10 million bid being put in place by Panathinaikos, and again, if rumours are true, we could net a cool £7 million for Utaka, which would be coup of the century!

I also reckon we may get rid of a ‘high-flyer’, as much as I don’t want to see any of our big lads go. If it’d be anyone, it’d be Johnson, and considering he’s just signed a four-year extension, whoever buys him will probably have to fork out close to £15-£18 million.

So, presuming we could have all that in the transfer kitty, who do you reckon we could get?

I’d like to sign Pennant permanently, as he’s a good right-wing equivalent to Belhadj, who I still haven’t given up on.

I could also see us going for Matty Taylor and GON, the former apparently starting to make noises that he isn’t finding life up north that great anymore, the latter already as good as nailing his colours to the mast.

If ‘he’ is getting rid of the likes of Bent and Jenas, we could make a cheeky bid for either or both of them.

The other one I’ve been thinking about could, depending on his status at the end of the season, be an outside possibility. A certain French-man who likes his razors….

What do you guys reckon? A bit of light banter, long before the end of the season!

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14 Replies to “Hypothetically speaking….”

  • nice ones pies, got to get to work so the only thing i can say before then is ‘nice one’, will comment more later!

  • Pies fantastic article – and one I reckon will strike up plenty of debate. Gonna put a lot of thought in it tonight, but I don’t think GON or Taylor should come back – in my opinion Belhadj and Pennant (if we sign him) will do the job just as well, if not better, than they will. And I tell you what if that Frenchman signs for us, I’ll buy you a season ticket!!

  • Nice one pies – however I think if we get big bucks for Niko or Glen it will go straight in the bank!! Bargain basement players again and there are a lot out of contract in the summer.

  • A very strange article I must say… Everybody is thinking about the end of this season, and this article is looking beyond. Very Good! We should start thinking. Well, personally I am a great fan of Benjani, and I am sure that many of you out there are willing to see him back at Fratton. Don’t take me wrong, but I would want to see him coming for a good 5million and sell Crouch. I would want Johnson to stay, and yes please, try to get Matty again. Krancjar can go.. He is not doing what we need him to do. Belhadj can perform better, if we give time and space. One thing for sure is that I will be looking forward to see Kaboul in the centre of defence.

  • I hope Johnson stays too, but I am already half-resigned to losing him. If we get good money for Krunchie then it would be a good deal. Not sure we should try to get back too many old faces, but I would like to see GON come back. As for that Frenchman, its been in the back of my mind for a few years, it would be a real coup!

  • If we don’t have a new owner, I can’t see much money being spent whatever cash comes in. The only real quality we have that has real value is Niko, Glen & Crouchie. If they go & little comes in to replace, added to those going that are out of contract, then we are a dead duck. That of course is the very worst case scenario. Hoping for the best is another story.

  • Lord knows I whats going to happen in the summer. I have a feeling Dystain might be tempted away, leaving a whole in the team for a bruising centre-half (Robert Huth?). I won’t let Crouch go. Glen is pretty unique but I’d take Steven Warnock if I had to.

  • If Nico did go i would like to forgive Kamara and give him another go as the option on the left.
    In defence Dunne will get the boot at City when they splash the cash and i would love him to come and form a partnership with Kaboul or Distin.
    Up front it would be Benjani for me, if we do survive Gary O will be back i am sure.

  • A very tough call, and I think it mught depend on who goes down at the end of the season. If it is the Geordies, well then I can see us going in for a few of their players, maybe Martins or Butt? Both I think would be great replacements for any lost players, but could we afford them?

  • I would hate us to be one of those clubs that rob relegated teams of their better players but that is the game nowadays isnt it, and i dare say if we go down it would happen to us.
    I dare say that there will be some good payers who want to stay in the Premiership.

  • I would like to see Benjani back. I reckon him and Crouchie would make a fantastic pairing. Although I also feel Nuge could do a job pairing with Crouchie as well. One player that really stood out for me this year is Kenwynne Jones – don’t think we could accommodate him though. Any money we get this year will go to pay our 44m Bank debts off. Sacha won’t be in any hurry to reduce the club’s debts to himself – he is charging us 15% which he won’t get anywhere else in the world at the moment. So, no new big names for us, I’m afraid – even if we get a new owner. Our books just don’t balance.

  • Matthew Taylor returning to Portsmouth? I don’t think i can see that happening anytime soon. Bolton would never let him go, and if they did it would be for some stupid money. Why we sold him in the first place is beyond me. I would love to see him back, infact, i’d probably sell both my legs to have him back! I keep seeing Benjani down at Port Solent (no idea what he is doing there?! Must have been about 6-7 times i’ve seen him there), i agree with whoever said for him to return. A.Traore as a perm signing as well, if Mr Wenger were to sell him that is. Gary O’Neil as well, i want him back. Was weird when he missed out the game against pompey the other week (very odd indeed..!) he loves us!

  • Maybe we could also buy St Mary’s off of ‘those down the road’, as i hear they are in a bit of bother at the moment. Can’t be too hard to move a stadium nowadays can it? £1 could probably get it.

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