Date: 20th October 2008 at 7:12am
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We all know what happened at Villa Park at the weekend, and we all know that Harry Redknapp was not pleased as his reaction to reporters proved: ‘some idiot has thrown an object and it’s caused a very bad cut on the linesman’s head.

‘I am sorry for Phil and sorry for our beautiful game. I was lucky. Lucky that he was a f****** s*** shot. He hit the linesman instead of me.

‘Don’t ask me why – what have I done? Maybe it’s because we won here 3-1 last season and they’re not used to losing at home. But who deserves that?

‘I never said a word to anybody. I stood up for about a 20th of the time Martin did. So I just don’t know.

‘To have something thrown at you by a coward and moron – it’s a very, very brave person who did that, isn’t it? When people behave like that you hope they catch them on CCTV and ban them for life.

‘I certainly didn’t see who did it. I looked round and there was a guy shouting obscenities and making filthy gestures. And there were young kids there.

‘It makes me scared for the game when people behave like that. It’s so sad.

‘You come out of grounds these days and see granddads with their grandkids making filthy gestures and sticking fingers up at the coach. I think it is horrific.’

Redknapp was right to be upset and angry. Like him or not, this does not excuse any object being thrown at anyone. I have never had a coin thrown at me, but I can imagine that it bloody well hurts! The closest that I came to this was actually unfortunately enough also at Villa Park. This was last season, but luckily for me, unfortunate for the TV star that is The Fear – he was featured on match of the day 2 last night – it hit him and he was not best pleased!

This fool has not only let themselves down, they have let Villa fans down and tarnished the reputation of football fans throughout the land and as said before they deserve all they get, and I would feel the same even if they were a Pompey fan – and can only imagine how shamed and let down I would feel so I do feel sorry for Villa fans here… They are not the culprits here, that one muppet is and all Villa fans should not be tarnished with the same brush, and I do not think they will.

As also said before someway, be that via the CCTV or if need be the people that sat around this idiot, they will be found out and punished accordingly.


On a more savoury note, and as I am talking about Harry Redknapp he has also backed Sol Campbell to once again win his place back in the England squad.

I think the vast majority of us would be lying if we said that we had not questioned his ability to maintain a status as a top performer. He has at times looked washed up, but the past few games he has been back to something like his very best showing that class is a permanent thing!

With Campbell, over the past few years it has seemed as though as much of his form is in his mind as anything else. When he is stimulated in his mind he seems to perform like the fantastic defender that he has been over the years – our participation in Europe this season and the ambition to establish ourselves as one of the best teams in the country appears to be giving him this motivation that he needs – along with the massages he gets and time off from training if needed – with him even able to play 3 games a week, something we thought just would not be possible.

Ok, getting back into the England again does not appear that likely but some of you might have noticed something that I said recently. Basically it went along the lines of ‘as unlikely as it might seem, if Sol maintains his current form would another England recall be as unlikely as it sounded?’

We just have to look at the likes of, and I mean no disrespect to them, Matthew Upson, Joleon Lescott and Wes Brown – all players that could, and in most instances have been used as a central defenders in the absence of John Terry, or Rio Ferdinand, and ask would he have done any worse than them? If Fabio Capello is not looking at the likes of Jonathan Woodgate, but is these fellas then with the amount of time he will spend watching, or having watched our other England stars you never know…


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