Date: 23rd November 2011 at 6:11pm
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Here we go again, once again, again eh!

Yet again the name of Portsmouth Football Club will be dragged through the mud as one of the CSI group, and our co-owner, Vladimir Antonov has had an arrest warrant issued for him…

Warrant for Pompey owners arrest – here.

Right, I know it is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but given our ‘history’ you cannot help but feel instantly that there is some wrongdoing, as if anyone seems able to attract a wrong’un then it seems to be Pompey!

What happens now?

Well, quite how much power a Lithuanian issued arrest warrant possesses remains to be seen but power or no power answers need to be given and a failure to give them, in my eyes, tends to point towards one thing and one thing only!

Of course Antonov may well have done nothing wrong at all, but how often in the past have we ‘believed’ people to have done ‘nothing wrong’ only to then find out that in actual fact they have?

This obviously leaves it hard for us to actually believe that people are ‘innocent’ and as much as I would want everything to be fine and dandy so we can just get on with footballing matters again I cannot, hand on heart, say that I have faith that nothing untoward has happened here…

How much more of this can we actually take?

Not much would surely be the answer that most give…

I love this club totally but I am being forced closer and closer to the very edge of breaking point, something many of us have teetered on the edge of several times, and have almost come to the point now where I feel a ‘fresh start’ with a clean slate might not have been, or even could still be, the worst thing in the world – there almost seems no other way to rid ourselves with the constant off-the-field problems encountered.

Ahh, how the good old ‘fit and proper persons test’ seems to have lived up to expectations once more eh!

Were these ‘tests’ not ‘tightened up’ to ensure that everyone was above board and a fine toothcomb run through the financial background of those looking to buy into clubs, with a fuller understanding of where the finances came from and how sustainable they would be needing to be given?

Was it SAAB that turned Antonov away recently due to a lack of ‘transparency’, which begs the questions – yet again! – just how much of this transparency does the FPPT require, would I be wrong in saying that I doubt the Swedes are radically over the top with their background checks!

Of course we will, eventually, see some statement issued on The Pompey Site – after CSI have issued one on their website first! – saying ‘everything is ok’ and ‘we should not worry’ but how much faith will actually be put in this?

In all honesty could few really hold it against people for having more than an element of doubt…

Also spare a thought for Appy, what must he now be thinking?

Maybe, ‘what have I done’ and ‘maybe I should have stayed where I was’ for starters!

I still think that the guy can become a good manager (and of course it can still be here?!) but similarities to those in the past that were brought in almost as ‘fall guys’ could easily be drawn I guess.

I could, and hopefully – although have to admit I am not sure I will – will be proven, totally wrong in my thoughts and if I am I will hold my hands up and apologise for doubting anyone but it becomes increasingly hard not to fear the worse given our previous and makes you less and less likely to ‘cut people some slack’, even when you say this is something you need to do and want to do, as I have previously said I wanted, and we needed, to with CSI and those associated with it.

Something that seems pretty certain though is PFC’s name will once more be dragged through the mud for quite some time again, not just in connection to the latest problematic issues faced by an owner but with the upcoming court cases for Redknapp and Mandaric in the New Year.

As was pointed out to me by eastneydave earlier though it is funny how little interest there has been shown in the issue thus far. Media outlets used to be all over scandal connected to PFC, has this become such the norm that it is just accepted as given these days and they just do not really care!

Sorry to be ‘so negative’, but you cannot be positive for the sake of being positive and keep saying ‘it will be ok’ because it genuinely is hard not to be negative and say it will if you have doubts because god only knows what happens now?

Whatever though another frosty winter would appear to be on the horizon for Pompey fans…


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