Date: 30th November 2011 at 6:05pm
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The News reported this afternoon that the staff at Pompey, all employees, have been paid their wages as expected – something that Admin Andy backed up with his interview on TalkSport this afternoon.

Good news of course, although attention will soon shift to the end of December with it worried if that same outcome will be seen?

There ‘should’ be enough in the coffers to see the payment made again on time, and it is ‘said’ there is actually enough ‘stashed away’ for us to continue as a going concern until February 2012?

The coffers will ‘probably’ be topped up some more in January when anyone of any value will be offloaded, if we can find a buyer?

The highest earners will be the ones that are looked at first although it is not as easy as just saying ‘we will sell him’, the player also has to want to leave and if he is not getting elsewhere what he is ‘meant’ to get here he will dig his heels in, that much we can be assured of!

Quite why anyone, legitimate that is, would want to buy into Portsmouth Football Club is hard to understand in many ways but what we do know is that this is needed as the club only has ‘short-term funding’ available so it would only be a matter of time before that time did come when it is being reported players and staff had not been paid.

I can only image how the staff at PFC, more so the ‘common working class’ like us staff who cannot afford to go without in the slightly, are going to feel as the end of each month comes around?

‘Fearful’ is, I would suspect, one word that would be used…

Admin Andy needs to find us someone, and quickly, and he also needs them to be legit!


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