Date: 7th August 2009 at 7:50am
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Pompey Malta looks at a survey in The Sun that claims Pompey are the least dedicated fans and asks the question, how dedicated are you? Burnley are the most apparently.

Football for fans is not just 90 minutes on match-day, but hours and hours during every day, perhaps every minute they could spare. During summer, fans (unlike most of the players who go on holiday for a couple of weeks or so and nothing is heard of them unless they get injured while on their yacht [Rooney] or anything else), keep supporting their team and most of us, discuss what is going on in the club, mainly on the net.

For us Pompey fans, summer 2009 was extraordinary, and we have discussed so many matters, starting with the take-over promise in late May, and strangely enough, ending with the same take-over promise or now promises in mid-August. Most of the time we spent was discussing subjects that are just useless today, for instance the manager saga. We wished and hoped for players, and probably no one ever thought that newly-signed Freddy and Niemi will be at Pompey this coming season.

So, the question is; is it worth all this talking and hoping, probably for nothing? Well, for some it is, as if it was not, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it!

This summer, we were simply busy, maybe more than ever. And this is all because we care about Portsmouth Football Club. Others, who are less dedicated, just wait for a season to start, but not for the majority of Pompey fans, around the globe.

However, yesterday morning ‘The Asian Age’ was suggesting, according to the Sun’s survey that Pompey fans are the least dedicated. Burnley are the most dedicated as they spend 18.1 hours a week reading news, travel to and from matches, discussing and so on. Pompey fans, according to this survey, spend only an average of 14.6 hours a week dealing with the club’s matters.

It claims that an average supporter spends 800 hours in a year supporting his/her team or 33 full days. On the other hand, a very dedicated fan spends around 40 hours a week on the team or nearly 2000 hours in a whole year.

This seems strange to me, as I think Pompey fans are pretty involved in everything that goes around our club, especially during this summer where no one stopped searching the net in the hope of some good news. However, this survey revealed that we are not dedicated when compared to others.

And you: how dedicated are you?

Written by Pompey Malta.

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21 Replies to “How dedicated are you?”

  • Let’s face it… anyone on here is unlikely to provide unbiased feedback on that load of rubbish. *disclaimer* survey data based on one random phone call to someone living in the city or within 50 miles, no guarantee that person was a “fan”…. however, I’ll admit to being able to be more dedicated than I am.

  • Good article but you have to question the source. Not a lot happens in Burnley, except racial riots. Polls are about limited opinion & little else. We all go to extremes at times but you can’t have a life without a good balance!

  • In all honesty I think -both me and my wife – wish i spent less time checking news now….Burnley fans have added impedus as they are new to englishpremier league-i for one would ditch this football thing if i could.

  • what defines dedicated then ? i live nearly 300 miles from Pompey so go to more away games than home games. i wake up in the morning and check newsnow and this website, i have live feeds with news fed to my phone, the weeks leading up to the cup final i coudltn sleep at night thinking about the dream…. i have 2 pompey tattoos, my 6 year old son has just got his first pompey shirt for his birthday, i never go more than half a day with out thinking about my team, match days my wife knows not to even nother me as she wont get a response, so does this make me dedicated ?

  • I suspect the Sun made this up, i mean found this out, when they were scribing The Pompey Gate Niovels.

  • Yes, have to question the sample size of this. Pretty much all of the Pompey fans I know are massively dedicated. When I go away I see the same faces every week, even at the most inconvenient times – Newcastle away midweek, Middlesbrough away on a Monday night, etc. Portsmouth is a city that really is obsessed by its local side.

  • NinjaTim summed it up perfectly! Has anyone here been surveyed? No!! So they did make it up then. Good article Malta.

  • I was surveyed once and declared unfit to live in a pig stye! I never quite figured out what they were getting at….duh!

  • I was really surprised with this outcome, to be honest. That is why I wrote this article to share it with you lot. I am sure that geographic issues were not considered throughout this survey. However, I am very sure that we are VERY DEDICATED. Why don’t you ask our partners????

  • Not committed commander chix should send them a dressing down including his attention article showing we care we are dedicated to our club and know how to have fun even when we are going through times of uncertainty. Go to Pompey and you see fans in Pompey shirts with very few people wearing other teams well in my visits to the great city anyway.

  • The only people in other team’s shirts seem to be 3 year olds on their holidays wearing CHelsea or Manyoo shirts.

  • Just because United fans spend longer travelling to games doesn’t mean they’re more dedicated – it simply means they’re glory hunters from London!

  • Lets put this in perspective, they’re saying on average we spend over 2 hours a day on pompey stuff! Take your 8 hours sleep out of it, 7 – 8 hours at work, travelling etc and that’s a massive proportion of the day. Personally I think it’s b*****ks I love pompey but would be surprised if I spent more than an hour a day worrying about them all in. Can you include the time in the pub before matches I wonder?

  • Least Deadicated WTF!? Thats got to be alot of ball, i spend most of my day thinking and reading and talking bout Pompey as i assume thousands more Pompey fans do.
    Pompey Til I Die!

  • Pompey?.. Football? .. dedication (that’s what you need) ?? …
    I thought this was a knitting forum.. oh sorry I’m off…

  • Every morning I use my computer for two things. To check my penny shares and to check VP. Nine times out of ten, I log onto VP first. Now that’s dedication.

  • I work full-time. I have a job where facebook and any other ‘forum’ is banned at work, so I can’t go on VP even at lunchtime, although I do check the BBC, the OS and The News almost every lunchtime. I also try to keep fit, have to get to/from work, eat, go shopping, sleep, clean up sometimes and visit family occasionally. That does not leave 40 hours a week over! If that makes me an undedicated fan, I’d like them to come here and tell me that to my face!

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