Date: 30th April 2010 at 11:44am
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The views of football fans and clubs will, inevitably vary, that is a fact of life – some decisions made will not be liked by the fans, while the club will not like some views or thoughts from fans, although treating either ‘as mugs’ leaves no one as a winner, just losers all-round…

There is NO disguising the fact that this club has dumped on us from a great height for so long, ok perhaps not the club as a whole but senior figures within its involvement and enough is enough – this CANNOT carry on, the fighting needs to end an a peaceful, as much is possible, co-existence somehow found.

Of course this is easier said than done!

Yet, the easiest way for this is to offer an open, honest and transparent approach to things – and this, more often than not, even NOW, is not happening…

As said we, as fans, will not like some of the things that come out, but surely it is better to be open and honest about this instead of continuing to lie? Everything is being viewed as a lie these days so lets have some truth, even if it is a painful truth.

The fact that virtually every player has, or will have a price, is something that we know is the case. Yep, we might not like it, but so long as it is in the best interests of our future as a club, and a well run future at that, that has to be the case – although selling literally everything, and everyone, that is not nailed down IS NOT going to benefit the club.

We do not, or did not want ‘a list circulated around clubs’ yet it seemed inevitable that something of this type would happen, so WHY not just be honest about this?

News came out last weekend that this was the case, with a fax circulated with a list of names and prices wanted – this was denied as rubbish yet tomorrows visiting manager, Mick McCarthy, admits that Wolves received this so he will be ‘window shopping’ at close quarters.

If a list is circulated admit that this is the case, making a denial to then be found out as not being the case is something that this club has been doing, and keeps doing, and this cannot carry on.

The truth CAN hurt, but it does not hurt as much as being ‘lied to’ about things, treated like mugs and then finding out this was the case afterall.

‘Transparency, honesty and openness’ is something that the club have said they want to give and something that we want to get, so lets see more of this, or some of this – it is getting to a point where it is almost too late for some, and has become too late for others, to be convinced things can chance but they must as people cannot continue to be pushed away like they are. As much as they might want to it will not always be easy for them to return from this…


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