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Pompey bought Peter Crouch from QPR in 2001 for £1.25 million.

Crouch scored 18 league goals in only 37 starts for Portsmouth – benefiting from the crossing of Robert Prosinecki – and that in a side that for much of the season looked destined to be in a relegation battle.

In March 2002, Aston Villa made a successful £5 million bid for Crouch.

He scored on his home debut for Villa, the equalising goal against Newcastle United, and managed to net twice in seven games. However, Crouch failed to hold down a regular place in the Aston Villa side in the following 2002-03 season.

Looking for first team football, he was loaned to Norwich City from September to December 2003. Although he scored only four times in 15 appearances, he was highly impressive and remains to this day popular with Norwich City supporters. So popular, in fact, he had a song made up about him (he’s tall, he’s lean, he’s a freaky goal machine).

Crouch was sent off for retaliation during Norwich’s 3-1 win at Walsall, but nonetheless his spell at Norwich renewed interest in his abilities from other clubs.

At the end of the three-month loan he returned to Aston Villa, and scored a brace against Leicester City, a late winner at Middlesbrough and the opener at Bolton.

Norwich City also recognised his contribution to the 2003-04 season that saw them win the First Division Championship by awarding him a championship medal.

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15 Replies to “He played them both – Villa: Peter Crouch”

  • Nice one Tim. I love being reminded about past players as we tend to forget what they did before and after playing for Pompey. I was never a lover of Crouch (Still not), but that’s more to the way teams play with him in the side rather than him as a player. He did well for Pompey though and as you say benefited from the crosses of a certain Mr P ! . Crouchy has done well in his career and although it took him a long time to reach the top nobody (not even I) can deny him the fact that he has worked hard for it. There’s also a train of thought that one day Harry will bring him back to Pompey… as a foil for Defoe perhaps.. It could work !!

  • agree with you Chix, these are great reminders of past players – your that will be added later is another – and i never tire of them, i just wish i could make the time to do more myself… as for crouchy coming back, if benitez stays at liverpool he’ll leave, if he goes crouchy will sign a new deal and stay i reckon, and i also reckon if he does leave coming back here is very, very possible!

  • Nice one Tim. The key to Crouch coming back is that Pompey players are now regularly in the England squad and it would not be seen as a backward step by Capello.

  • Guys, do you reckon there is a place for Crouchie? I guess at least we’d have someone to stick their nut on all those long balls Jamo & Sol have been punting lately.

  • Well done Tim, good article , I would bring in Crouch for Kanu for next season and that would be enough for me.
    With Crainie and Noe fit and hopefully Linvoy we have cover at the back, and abundance in midfield and add Crouch.

  • If Crouchy was to come and form a partnership with Defoe it could do both their England chances the world of good .. a club and country partnership .. with Rooney, Owen, Agbonlahor. and others all on the bench… You never know .

  • Rooney on the bench!! bloody hell we must be good at international level.
    If Capello left him on the bench he would get lynched.

  • I’d take him back like a shot. Remember his time with us very well, a bright spark in a very poor team. Thankfully he & us have come a long way since.

  • one problem, is that i dont like the idea of long balls that inevitably come with him (side effect of him being tall) – and also the concern that…we cant seem to put the ball into the box anyway…so what good would it do? lets work on our corners and freekicks first, maybe THEN, we can be looking for a player to knock them in…(we cant rely on the hermenator forever…)

  • Well LA Villian .. It’s like this …For every game one of the site members generally picks a player that has played for both Pompey and the opposition we are facing in a forthcoming fixture .. hence in this example Peter Crouch played for both Villa and Pompey .. the cleaverly worded title of the feature ‘He played for they too! demonstrates that although the player in focus had a Pompey career we should not forget/remember that they played for the opposition as well … It quite simple really .. The last time our teams played each a player called Jimmy Allen was featured and actually (as I wrote it, so I Know) we had some really good feedback from some Villa fans (The Fear Included) about a player that played for you in the 1930’s .. So although I appreciate that you might not see the benefit of articles like this a lot of Pompey fans do and like to learn more about players from the past (however near or distant) .. One final point …. If it were not that good an idea why have the Chelsea and Spurs site also adopted it … clearly they like to share in the past as well as the present…. If your interested there will be another feature on an ex-Pompey/Villa player published tomorrow … I trust you’ll take the time to read it… and by all means comment..

  • i still disagree with the thoughts that ‘if’ crouchy came back we would resort to long ball tactics, we wouldnt… crouchy prefers the ball on the deck, granted at times his height would be used, but he isnt that good i the air anyway is he… thanks for your input los_angeles_villan, as Chix says we love this idea here, and as he also says other vital sites have adopted this idea…

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