Date: 12th February 2007 at 9:37pm
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Although this article is posted on a Pompey web-site, it goes a bit deeper than that.

The catalyst for my thoughts was the news that Harry Redknapp has been charged for his comments against Mike Dean during the half-time interval against Man City after watching Pedro Mendes again carried off after what almost amounts to assault.

Joey Bartons tackle was not even half as bad as Thatchers all out attack, but he got off incredibly lightly with a yellow card, as did Thatcher. The intent was shown on Thatchers face as he smashed his elbow into Mendes, but the same cannot be said of Barton, the bloke is either a great actor or a calculated thug or he just came in late, either way he took out Pompey’s most influential player on the day.

My point in this rant is that he stayed on the pitch and started to influence the game once Mendes got carried off, rightly or wrongly, what is for certain was the hand gestures Barton gave to Pompey fans as he left the pitch, what do the F.A do? Nothing. Redknapp gets charged for telling the ref how it is, and gets an F.A charge and probably a fine and touchline ban. Barton gets called up for the next England squad.

To put a finer point on the F.A’s great powers of fair play, AFC Wi?mbledon, a club that rose from the ashes of the old Wimbledon side and started by disgruntled fans who lost their local side, are fined £12,000, docked all 18 points gained whilst playing an ineligable player and thrown out the F.A trophy. Their crime? Not getting International clearance for an Englishman from Hackney who played in the distant Country of Wales in an English league! The punishment really fits the crime on that one, Pompey and West Ham have been accused of registration law breaking ourselves, but we have the luxury of sitting in the Premier league and will probably get off with a stern talking to, but if these players were registered and sanctioned to play, surely its the F.A’s responsibility to spot any errors when the paper work lands on their desk?

Rant over from me, but good luck to AFC Wimbledon in their appeal, and if they fail God help the future of English football.