Date: 4th March 2009 at 8:06am
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It does not come as a surprise to me in the slightest, and if it does come as a surprise to anyone I would be amazed to be honest, but it was confirmed on the Pompey site last night that Paul Hart will remain in charge of Pompey until the end of the season.

The decision was announced shortly after the defeat to Chelski, a game we were again unlucky to lose – but missed chances costs us in the end, with the decision to retain Hart and his assistant Brian Kidd having been made after a meeting between Sacha Gaydamak and Peter Storrie on Tuesday afternoon, with the latter saying: ‘Sacha and I have been delighted with how the team have fared under Paul and Brian’s control.

‘They both have so much experience in the game and they have the respect of the players.

‘We will review the managerial situation again at the end of the season.’

As I have said repeatedly I have no problems with this at all, but would ideally only want this on a short-term basis to tell the truth, and that is nothing against the pair who have been doing a fine job.

With the club up for sale it was highly unlikely that someone was going to come in anyway was it as they would not know how long they would be in charge for and would certainly know they would have little or no money to spend come the summer, so unless things had been arranged regarding the selling of the club, this was not really an option was it…

They have done a job, and will continue to do a job until the end of the season, and they will keep us up!

When the time does come to ‘review’ this position, then as much as a lot does depend on who owns the club, then I myself would still be looking to bring in another manager, who that would be I do not know and without money – or much of it anyway – who would want the job! Then again the players will probably decide what happens should Sacha not be able to sell up, and should this be the case then ‘the cheaper option’ would be to keep these two in charge, a decision that would probably be made with that in mind I suspect…

Lets just get this season out of the way, make sure that we do stay in the premier league and then see what happens.


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