Date: 3rd March 2009 at 12:25pm
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Hart – when we can play we will play!

Pompey’s caretaker manager Paul Hart knows that Chelski, of course our opponents tonight, have some world-class footballers, well in fact a squad full of world class footballers but he also knows we are not too shabby ourselves and we are not afraid of them!

You do not need to look any further than last weekend to know that ‘David can slay Goliath’, and look back at the season as a whole to see the kinds of ‘shocks’ that ‘lesser clubs’ have caused ‘the giants’ of the English game. So rightly so Hart saying that these are factors to take into account is spot on.

What I also like about his philosophy is that he is not going to send the guys out to ‘roll over and die’ for Chelski, he is sending them out to play football and have a go – he will not ‘put up the shutters’, or to put it another way exclusively look to ‘park the bus’.

Of course we cannot go all gun hoo, but he seems to be prepared to get this balance right, and if the players get this right why should we not get something!

For me, the biggest plus that we have tonight is Jamie’s Dad is not the manager – on the whole, and certainly more so since ‘we became a better side’ and to a degree got to the stage where defeat was not necessarily a formality, regardless to this we had a near on 8 games per season guaranteed where we virtually ‘wrote games off’, as we were playing the ‘big 4’ so nothing was expected…


Hart still awaiting decision on his future

Tonight’s game with Chelski is first and foremost in Hart’s mind, but another thing that he is still waiting to find out is exactly what his position is with the club – and he is no nearing knowing what his future position at Fratton will be…

In all fairness to him this is not an issue that he is pushing, personalities at the club keep calling for an announcement to be made, but he again retains his ‘I am taking it a game at a time and just want to get points for Pompey’ thoughts.

Lets be honest the guy, along with Brian Kidd, is in charge until the end of the season and most, if not all of us have no objection to this. The players just need to concentrate on playing football, things are not broken so why fix it.

‘Should’ we get a result against Chelski tonight, and if this was a win, then without a shadow of a doubt I would expect an ‘official’ announcement to be made on this with them appointed permanently until the summer.

I still retain my thoughts that this should only be until the summer though, then lets see what the club ownership status is, and then take it from their.

Hart and Kidd on a long-term basis is not something that I am still convinced on, ‘if’ things go belly up and the players then ‘turn on him’ and force him out, could he slip seamlessly back into his youth development role – a role for me that is far more important to the club in the long-term…


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