Date: 15th November 2009 at 2:03pm
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There has been A LOT of debate about Paul Hart here on Vital Pompey over the months, none more so than the past few days – at times I feel this has gone past more than ‘debate’ and sometimes crossed over into areas that I feel had NOTHING to do with the topic in hand, but hey ho..

Well, he has today been speaking to The News of the World and says that he feels ‘privileged’ to be our manager even if it has been ‘demoralising’ at times: ‘I consider myself, 40 years after I entered the game, very fortunate to be in football.

‘Despite our problems, I am very, very privileged to manage a smashing football club. It’s been one hell of a test and you’ve got to be on your toes.

‘I knew things were bad when I took over but I wouldn’t have believed they would get even worse.

‘The situation I face at Portsmouth is totally unique. It’s demoralising watching players walk out of the door. No club ever reports back for pre-season with 14 players.’

It is his thoughts above that, despite my thoughts that he ‘could’ have done better at times, that continue to lead me to think he is ‘probably’ the only person man enough to stand up to this task, so we are actually ‘lucky’ to have him…

I maintain my thoughts that FEW would have wanted to work for us under the conditions he had to and has since gone onto further still. Whilst I openly acknowledge my thoughts that he would not have been my first, second or even third choice for the job the simple facts are no one wanted this job, he was the only one that did so hats off to him. There is not another manager, and a realistic option, that I feel would do any better.

In terms of what we need from mental strength and character Hart is spot on, we just need him to seek a little more advice, and take this on board, from those around him – with him also having to be a little more ‘tactically flexible’.

Once again he has said that our position ‘should’ act as a warning to others to show them what can happen with mismanagement but he still has the faith that he can ‘get us out of this mess’ and he will not ‘ever give up’ on us.

It is a refreshing attitude that he shows that he actually thinks he is ‘lucky’ to still be in football and to be with us, as he also said there was a time when he felt this would be finished for him – so, in a way he answered my very own question from earlier in the week, which was in a roundabout way ‘are we lucky to have him’, whereas he feels it is quote the opposite, he is lucky to have us…

This brings us on nicely, I guess, to the latest poll results!


Paul Hart’s tactics and prospects…

‘Paul Hart’s tactics and prospects are adequate’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from veccccio’s poll are thoughts that I would agree with to be honest…

This was a ‘tough’ poll, in all honesty there were not that many ways to turn, for me in a positive light with options given, and positivity is what I try to go for but this is a site for Pompey fans so you go with what you are given as we all have our right to this – clearly the least voted options were not applicable were they?

The ‘na├»ve and clueless’ option, whilst areas of this I would agree with at times, was for me harsh, the ‘should be added to the 3 million unemployed list’ even more so.

As said countless times, and even touched upon above somewhere, Hart infuriates me at times, I literally could throttle him!

Although, and speaking for myself of course, the main thing that I want when spending the money I do travelling around the country is to see a team playing for the manager, the club and the supporters – we get this virtually assured week-in-week-out with Hart’s sides to be fair…

If he cannot see that you have to be bold at times, and this boldness will get us out of trouble then we will not get out of it – so I hope that he might start thinking about almost throwing caution to the wind more and play with more attacking flair a la Stoke and Wigan recently, more often. It would be better to ‘play safe’ when you are out of the drop zone looking back, not at the bottom looking up, right?

  • What the poll asked – Paul Hart’s Tactics and Prospects?

  • How you voted – Adequate 37%, Naive and Clueless 23%, Should be added to the 3 million unemployed list 20%, Up there with Wenger and Fergie 12%, An up and coming Jose Mourinho 8%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? As well as Hart’s latest views on his position as Pompey manager

    You know what to do, as always thoughts below please guys…


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