Date: 23rd October 2007 at 1:33pm
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Harry Redknapp has told The News how he rates the current Pompey squad as the strongest that he has ever had during his time with us: ‘I think all round now it certainly would be the strongest squad I’ve had at anytime since I have been at Portsmouth.

‘When I left the first time around I thought we had a good squad with players like Yakubu, Arjan De Zeeuw and Steve Stone playing very well for me, but I think this is a stronger all-round squad, definitely’.

I do not think that there is much doubt, that in terms of overall squad quality and depth – even if some areas are maybe not as strong as some would like – this is the best that we have had not only in Redknapp’s time but for many years full stop?

We have had some great players over the years, sometimes a few of them at once but so much was expected of them and perhaps others were lacking their quality, with this showing. But we now have genuine quality all over the park, not only this but the players are playing as a team, with the players of a high enough quality in reserve to fill you with confidence if they had to come in too.

As said these players in reserve, that cannot get in the team, are players that I have no problems with coming in if they have to, with it being my thinking they will not let us down at all, also my thinking that we will not be any less strong than we were as a result of them having to come in, arguably even stronger – but at the end of the day it is a team game!

To be honest I have never had as much faith in a squad of players as I do now and really do not expect us to lose any match. Clearly we will lose some, but I do not go into the matches, even with ‘the big boys’ thinking ‘we will lose today, but that is acceptable’ like I once did. Yep, it may still be acceptable when we do but I am not prepared to ‘write off’ matches any longer.

I may be over optimistic sometimes with my belief that we will beat teams at times, but this is due the faith I have in the team now and how good I think the squad is – and it can still get better yet, and probably will in January.

At the moment – all being well nothing else will change – the only change that we look like we will have to make at the weekend will be an enforced one, with Sean Davis suspended Pedro Mendes looks set to step up to the plate – now who would have expected a few months ago that Mendes would be on the outside looking in, along with the likes of Matty Taylor and so on.

The only problem with having such quality on the bench is keeping them happy, but providing we continue to move forward as we are this will bring success and the more successful you are the more you need this squad, so players will want to be a part of this and will accept this as the way it is – you only have to look at the most successful teams to see this.

The sky really is the limit for Pompey and I will enjoy getting as carried away as I can for as long as I can!


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