Date: 21st January 2010 at 4:30pm
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On a bit of a role is jim4pompey, who returns with another suggested article.

The shelves at the Pompey Player super store are stacked full of some really quite underrated talent.

And the big day-glo stars in the Wilkinson’s style window display tell another tale of great deals to be done “for cash… just don’t to her majesty’s finest… nudge nudge wink wink…. say noooo moure.”

A host of clubs are ready to try and seal a deal for Portsmouth’s Hayden Mullins, as reported by skysports. Those considering a move for the former West Ham midfielder, who has been limited to just seven starts this term include the likes of Stoke, Burnley and Middlesbrough. All are believed keen to take him on loan until the end of the season. Mullins joined Pompey 12 months ago, but the 30-year-old is now ready to accept a move away from Fratton Park. ….

This intrepid reporter suggests they should “stop being opportunists and pay up for half decent players like they would for everyone else and stop treating us like a basket case”.

Personally I’d keep him if a loan deal is all that’s on offer… but I’d take £500k to £1m cash if all told and be happy to shed the wages and use the money. And so the phoney war continues… and the persecuted, penniless, malnourished players of Pompey… fail to exodus the club.

Written by jim4pompey.

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13 Replies to “Good News – Clubs eye Mullins”

  • we’re ….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind. To be honest I’m not as anti-muggins as most… in fact it’s why I said if it aint a sale then dont loan… hard working midfielder… potentially on better form than Hughes, Mokoena, Diop… should be considered decent back up to a Yebda, Boateng, Basinas midfield

  • I think the banner line is a bit unfair, he did have one or two good days. Otherwise he runs, plays and moans like a nag – in fact I heard he was christened haydock mullins

  • I think the banner line is a bit unfair, he did have one or two good days. Otherwise he runs, plays and moans like a nag – in fact I heard he was christened haydock mullins. But that can’t be right cos I’ve watched him and he can’t do jumps.

  • May be true and to be honest there’s a bit of me hopes he doesnt see it.

    Truth is he makes good back up and works hard. Bottom line… if someone buys him we need the cash. £1m from West Ham wasn’t it? I settle for half

  • I usually think that the reports and posts on this vital forum are very well done by you chaps, but this really winds me up. To label this with good news is pretty disrespectful of a guy that wears the Pompey shirt. Opinions are opinions and I have a higher one than most of Hayden Mullins I suppose. But I just cant get over it when ‘fans’ slate players of our club. Another example, Mokoena. He obviously isn’t the greatest player but he is only as good as he is so again, the ‘fans’ shouting off as he recieves a yellow card and the ‘fans’ that will cheer as he gets substituted are not fans in my opinion. They need to think about what they are going to achive by putting down a player who obviously wants to play for the club and, judging by his celebration when he scored for us, obviously wants to do well when he is only playing as well as he can play. As for this report I dont necessarily disagree if this is what it takes to keep our club alive. But to label this as good news is pretty brainless as there really isnt any good news here as its just further evidence of the dire times our football, club that we all love, are in.

  • brucey, i see what your saying, everyone is fed up, our club is dying, somebody will get the brunt….and they are not good enough players, so its them.

  • Brucey – Title was tongue in cheek – and to be honest wasn’t actually a reflection on the player but that money might be coming IN to the club.

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