Date: 18th August 2008 at 12:59pm
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Is it just me or is anybody else getting wound up by Glen Johnson.

I have got nothing against the lad as a player as he has a great talent, but what really gets my goat is that as a right back, if you make a run up field then you equally need to get back and help out once the play shifts back the other way.

Week after week we see him make his blistering runs up the right side and then we become short in the right back area. It happened several times and most recently at the Community Shield and yesterday at Chelsea, where he’s just caught out of position and doesn’t seem in any rush to get back and help.

People keep banging on about us having no pace down the right, well in my view I think we have. The answer could be to play GJ in the right of midfield and give him the freedom he obviously longs to have, and I reckon he would do a great job at that too. We could then bring in Cranie who I think is also a great talent, or Linvoy /Lauren who would play the proper defensive role and get the strength and shape back into our defence, that we in my view clearly lacked in the last two games.

GJ used to play up front in his youth and maybe, just maybe he could be another Henry, who I believe Wenger offered the then right back a chance to play up front due to injuries and as they say the rest is history.

On the note of midfielders, Diop is no right winger and needs to be put in the middle where he can be most effective in blocking the opposition’s attackers/midfield.

Written by Blarmy.

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19 Replies to “Glen Johnson – The right sided option!”

  • good read blarmy – this is an option that has been looking us in the face for months isn’t it, but HR just will not run with it for whatever reason…
    in fairness to johnson he gets no help on the right does he, but if you are a defender then your first duty is to defend isn’t it… I would happily see him play on the right, as this would be an exciting prospect but HR just wont go with it will he.

  • An excellent point well put Blarmy. GJ always looks so comfortable on the ball going forward, We did it with Matty on the left so why not GJ down the right. And yes he can whip in a ball. Diop in the middle sure scares the hell out of the opposition, as he does us sometimes. Davis has obviously cheesed HR off and won’t feature. I was just thinking about Villa away last season. Martin O’Neil bemoaned our shear physical presence and speed as the reason for steam rollering them. Where has that gone? Muntari going hasn’t helped, but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon the midfield altogether.

  • i think he was one of a few decent players yesterday. Sol and Hreidarsson are the ones we should be looking at, they were well below standard.

  • When you want to look at a decent wing back then without doubt Gael Clichy is the best in the Premiership at the moment. Watching him play for Arsenal against West Brom, I just have to wonder how he can keep going. Amazing. Glen needs to take note of this and maybe start doing a few more bleep tests to improve the constant sprints required to be a wing back these days.

  • Too right Sneakay, nobody minds a defender having a go but if you wanna do that you have got to be able to get back and resume your position. That seems schoolboy basics to me and something I keep telling my Under 11 lads that I manage.

  • Blarmy, good read and point well made and sneakay is certainly spot on with Clichy but do we want to play even more players out of position? I think Johnson could still turn into a very decent Centre Back and just needs to learn how to play the defensive role properly.

  • Linvoy and Lauren are not the answer if Johnson plays on the right. Lauren isn’t the player he once was and as much as we love Linvoy we have to stand up and say he isn’t ever going to be the same after his injury. It’s bad enough with an ageing Campbell without adding Linvoy to the mix.

  • well here is something from a chelsea fan who has seen gj being played by mourinho in a right wing role in a ..hold for it..champions league semi final against liverpool and he was pretty crap..he has skills..but i feel if you play him that manner you are wasting his reall quality which lies in him as a wing back..with 3 center backs..and push in diop alongside diarra centrally..and for goodness sake use ben sahar..he is a talent that the 5-2-3..udinese did that last season..they were brilliant!!

  • well that’s one of the reasons we sold him & for same reason belleti is also about to leave.He has a better pace & Great shooting than Johnson.I also think Diarra is still not half of the Makelele u saw yesterday.

  • Nice point essientric and a point I agree with. I really think if Harry wants to play Crouch and Defoe upfront then we need to switch shape to play 3 at the back, with wingbacks and allow Kranjcar to drop into the middle.

  • great article but i would certainly not have lauren at right back he gets me frustrated like utaka and pamarot !! Craine would be the answer for me though as he will turn out a great defender in years to come but diop is not also a answer he is a center midfielder who scares people with his height and power !!! COME ON ARRY GET SOME SIGNING IN PLEASE

  • We played with wing backs when promoted, but will it work in the prem Sol would have to play the centre would not like to see him pulled wide in a three Sunderland comes to mind, nice input essientric, still would liked to have kept Muntari he’s looking good at Milan.

  • Glen Johson was on the board to play a right midfield position last Sunday. He lined up that way but after about 10 minutes dropped to right back and then did hios runs from there. Kaboul was listed to play at right back to cover Johnson. On paper it looked OK but neither player played in their position and Kaboul went forward and left wide open spaces when GJ went on a run. Sol was way to slow to cover. GJ might get back quicker if he got his haircut. He looks awful.

  • If someone drill into GJ the importance of being a defender primarily, we will lose our ONLY width we do have, I thinkmits more a case of if he goes forward, get someone to cover him

  • GJ would be a better winger than right back, it’s defending which is the weakest part of his game, more than adequate to help out from midfield but for me not quite there as an out and out defender. Going forward he is superb. Trouble is If Harry wouldn’t play Matty Taylor like that why would he play GJ that way.

  • My worry is with Sol & HH. Bleedin’ shame we didn’t get Shorey & if we have Kabul, let’s start him with Distin & get him going. GJ will play better especially as the season goes on.

  • there are reports harry’s had discussions about swp on loan so that would stop gj being a winger if it happens.

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