Date: 28th July 2010 at 8:47am
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Much has been made about ‘this and that’ player being sold, although not so much is being said about the players that we CONTINUE to pay bloody good money to that are not actually doing anything, and quite literally, to earn this!

Granted, I understand that those involved in the world cup were given ‘longer off’ – this is something that all clubs have done, although I cannot help but think that some of these are ‘having a laugh’ now…

Yep I know that Kevin-Prince Boateng will be sold, John Utaka ‘could’, and hopefully will, be sold and Aaron Mokoena ‘might’ decide to move on but the fact of the matter is these guys HAVE NOT gone anywhere yet so it is high time they returned to training. For that matter Tal Ben-Haim should have bloody well been in training weeks ago, why exactly has he not been…

Ok, we run the risk of them ‘getting injured’ and seeing potential moves ‘scuppered’ as a result but whilst the likes of Dave Nugent, Marc Wilson, Hayden Mullins, Tommy Smith and Michael Brown etc. might not have gone to the world cup there is still every chance that each and everyone of these players ‘could’ still move on, yet they are in training and they are playing in pre-season friendlies.

The vast majority of clubs have had their ‘world cup stars’ return to training now, in fact these returned at the beginning of this week – even those that played in the world cup final will be back in training at the end of this week/the start of the next, if they are not already.

Quite why Utaka has been given any time off is beyond me, the guy did not play a single second for Nigeria in South Africa so how could he be ‘tired’. Bloody hell the guy has done almost nothing for 3-years!

In Mokoena’s defence he was very much the ‘face of the world cup’ for South Africa and had a lot on, I also believe that he recently got married, although I do feel that he should be back in training by now and do not think he is?

Boateng might be our most ‘bankable asset’ but every week that passes that he does not do anything that is somewhere in the region of £30,000 or so he would be costing us to quite literally do nothing as well.

As for Ben-Haim this guy is ‘extracting the urine’ now, moves to West Ham have fallen through so what exactly is this crock doing to earn his ‘reported’ £38,000 per week? He has a relegation release clause that only he can activate and it seems that he can opt out of training too – it is a joke, but not one that I am laughing at!

Come on Steve Cotterill, David Lampitt and Admin Andy, whilst these guys ‘could’ generate some much needed funds by being sold, whilst they remain Pompey players, and bloody well paid Pompey players at that, can we not get them back into training at least…

Jeez, some of our players, and most likely players that are unlikely to get a sniff of the 1st team this season – and for me maybe wrongly – have been here, there and everywhere this summer, whilst some of these might be on very good money at least they have actually gone someway towards earning it!

It makes my blood boil thinking at how much we are paying some people, yet all that seems to be being done is them seemingly laughing in our faces…

If they want to be here get them back here, if some of these players make it clear that they want to move on, so be it, but that does not mean that they are excused from training – if they refuse to do this then find them in breach of their contracts and do not pay them anything until they do, it is that simple really!


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