Date: 7th April 2009 at 11:44am
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Gekas ‘unhappy’ – it is no big secret is it!

I love the way that the media are playing up the ‘Theo Gekas is ‘unhappy’ at Pompey’ angle today, doing this as if it is ‘something we did not know’ or a ‘surprise to us’…

It is not at all, as it has been abundantly clear that this is the case with his words to the media, ours in response, the fact that he will not turn out for the ressies and that he is not in the 1st team squad anymore – and has not been for several weeks!

Zenit St Petersburg are ‘interested’ in signing the Greek striker in the summer, who will almost certainly not be here next season – if he makes it through until the summer that is? So news that his agent has expressed his is ‘not happy in Portsmouth’ is no surprise, not in the least.

We have spoken about this issue at great lengths, so it is just covering old ground but whilst I think there is a right and wrong way about going about things, and his way was probably wrong way, I – like Owenspompey said the other day – like the fact that he does want to play. He is not content to pick up money and do nothing for it, as many others connected to this club do/have. It is just a shame that he cannot even find a place onto the bench as he has scored goals everywhere he has been, at all levels…


Look who is on his way back to England…

Gregory Vignal, remember him?

The full back that we signed from Liverpool, or was it Rangers, when Alain Perrin was in charge – he has played for a host of clubs over the years, including Scum, but is still only 27 I think. Well, according to his ‘representative’ he is looking like he will be returning to England again next season as ‘talks with a Premier League team are very advanced’…

Apparently Vignal has had a run-in with the Lens fans and is now only playing in their away games! With this agreed with the management as something that will happen between now and the end of the season.

So long as these ‘advanced talks’ are not with us, which is unlikely, I do not care and ‘when’ we do stay up at least we will have the pleasure of playing against him next season – fantastic!


£10m for Kranjcar? ‘Ka-ching!’

There were a few whispers over the weekend that Panathinaikos were ‘targeting’ Niko Kranjcar, and they would make the move for him in the summer.

Well, according to ‘tribal football’ – yep, I know that does not give it much credence – the Greek side are looking to pay around £10m for the Croatian!

Without a doubt Kranjcar is the most technically gifted player that we have at the club, and when he is on his game he is top class – unfortunately we probably do not see enough of this and sometimes look to be carrying him. With only a little over a year on his contract too ‘if’ we can get offered anything near £10m then it is a no-brainer, he has to go surely?

£10m in the summer, or nothing in the summer of 2010 – hmm, I think we would see him off like a shot! To be fair it would be as much down to us wanting to cash in on him, as him actually wanting to leave, but as he has made it perfectly clear he would see out his contract then go. So, unless we tie him down to a new deal, which would seem unlikely, then we need to cash in on the summer… So it is almost certain that his time is up on the South Coast?

You know what to do – thoughts on all the above please guys. . .


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