Date: 7th October 2009 at 7:41am
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SAF and/or his spokesman Ivo Ilic Gabara have been doing the rounds recently – I heard Gabara speaking on TalkSport on Tuesday with SAF quoted on

The common theme for both was ‘they were happy with his time as owner of Pompey’ and they feel he ‘achieved exactly what he set out to do’.

Gabara also denied that SAF had been ‘out of his depth’ and also reacted to questions about players leaving and how this could have been avoided – to be honest I do not really think that way as this is looking back, not forward, which is something I want to do now!

See Gabara’s thoughts, on the above and more, in this sky sports video below…

I tend to disagree with Gabara myself as I do think that SAF got in too deep and did not expect things to be as ‘rough’ or ‘tough’ as they had been – he was in ‘over his head’, ‘out of his depth’, whatever way you look at it, although I genuinely believe that he came in with the best intentions but was ‘surprised’ by further things he was not expecting to find!

All in all he did not do a lot to help himself during his 40-odd day reign as the owner of Pompey, but others – lets be honest – did their best to make him look worse, and, like I have said before countless times, when all is said and done it is not SAF that got us into the mess we were in, he was just unable to get us out of it as such…

Again as said though, lets start to look forward and not back – that said with the new owner we need actions to follow words, talk is cheap, actions speak much louder!


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