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You would ‘think’, or at least ‘hope’ that football would learn from what has happened with Pompey? It doesn’t seem it does but tracyc knows it must.

I don’t think there is anyone involved in football in this country who isn’t aware of what has happened – and nearly happened – at Portsmouth this season. By involved, I mean everyone, fans, managers, players, owners, agents and the various kinds of journalists.

Most of them have a fairly over-simplistic view of what happened at Pompey and the causes, ignoring that when Gaydamak was putting in lots of money, he appeared to have it, and it was only after the foreclosure by the bank that he turned round and said it was all a loan that he wanted back, as well as ignoring what happened later with the other owners that have come in. Most of them just put it down to Portsmouth having spent over and above our means, and we have been roundly and viciously condemned for it. Even to the point where the other premier league clubs voted for Portsmouth to go to the wall last March.

So you would think, hope, that this had been a huge wake up call to everyone.

That’s why I can’t believe my eyes and ears lately. Take Aston Villa. I don’t know the reasons for O’Neill’s shock exit, but the suggestion has been he didn’t have a high enough transfer kitty. I’ve heard Villa supporters bemoaning that their chairman isn’t spending wildly above the club’s means, and god forbid making them a ‘selling club’. I’ve heard journalists express the view that most top managers wouldn’t want to go there if it’s a ‘selling club’.

I’ve read today that Ian Holloway is unhappy at Blackpool, because there isn’t much money to spend and there is a sensible-looking pay structure in place. Blackpool’s ground is smaller than Portsmouth’s. Does he really want them to do a Portsmouth? Really?

From listening to sports journalists, I get the impression that a football’s manager’s success is measured by the size of the transfer kitty he can get from his chairman. This has to stop. It has to become the case that managers get applauded for relative success within the means of their club and stop becoming complicit in this spending beyond those means.

I am really worried that Portsmouth is just the first of many, and there are no signs of the cultural changes that are needed to stop this rot. What’s the matter with everyone?

Written by tracyc.

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10 Replies to “Football lessons need to learned – FAST”

  • I think that many of the administrators have got the message. But transfer speculation seems to sell newspapers and so the managers who use them are built up by them.

  • “I get the impression that a football’s manager’s success is measured by the size of the transfer kitty he can get from his chairman” – unfortunately in football money can buy success. Apart from, maybe, Arsenal all of the top clubs are doing that. So the ‘hopefuls’ spend beyond their means to keep up – HRs success with Pompey and now Spurs, Leeds in the past for example. It’s sad, but it needs the likes of Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool to go under for your plea to be heard, Tracy.

  • Good article, there is no real way to monitor or police the problem. It may be enforced book balancing happens but that won’t change a thing. If Gaydamaks dad hadn’t got done he would have topped up the club fund at the end of the year: books balanced; problem still around. What if your club is a private enterprise and you want to lavish your money on it? It’s your money and a free world why should you be forced to tell every body. I think the only things that can be done and they would make a big difference are: force clubs to pay their tax or demonstrate an appeal/ negotiation is in place; cap agent fees to a maximum percentage, and do the same for image rights. You cannot nor should remove image rights, quite frankly most charity work is funded by it but you can agree a lump sum, pay that and leave the tax and NI as a responsibility of the player. I think if we can financially survive in the Champs this year we will be ok as I believe most will be offering capped contract renewals. MO’N is famously petulant, has walked out on clubs before and his attitude was quite striking compared to the “we will do it” attitude of Cotterille who is widely regarded to have “the worst” or ” the toughest” ” job in football”

  • villas wage bill is 70million a year!! randy learners right to want to sell milner and young ! to balance the books…

    they can raise 27m milner 20m young and still have a good squad…

  • Great article. Although sadly, agree with the comments above – it’s going to take someone much bigger than Pompey going under to make the regulators do something. I really think we need some form of salary cap… I was pretty surprised to learn recently that Spain also has a load of problems – apparently apart from the top two, a number of La Liga clubs are in trouble – and they don’t have a points deduction over there. So Mallorca went into administration, but didn’t suffer any penalty in their league.

  • All the time you have the likes of Redknapp (sorry, I’m not axegrinding here) win the Manager of the Year, (given the money he spent) and the likes of Roy Hodgeson , largely ignored, having done almost as much with next to nothing spent, then you can see the size of the problem we have. Redknap also left when the money dried up, and quite honestly, whilst we are calling for Pompey to be a lesson to us all, the Managers can quite rightly say, let Redknap be a lesson to them. Cos at the end of the day he is a shining example of going to where the money is to make a name for yourself.

  • I fear for Man City’s supporters. When their Arab owners pull the plug . . . it doesn’t bear thinking about. And people will say they brought it on themselves, as though it was the fans’ doing!

  • Hopefully, the Arabs are putting in some money making schemes to keep the club going when they leave. I doubt it tho…..

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