Date: 3rd March 2012 at 9:03pm
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There used to be a time when Fratton was the place to be on Saturday, today the atmosphere had changed, apathy has well and truly set in, on the terraces and it seemed on the pitch.

Pompey tried hard enough, effort was fine, the quality was missing once more, but for me it seemed as though everyone knows the game is up, we can make all the noise we want, but the only people who care were at the match anyway, sympathy is very low for Pompey anyway, I don’t particularly crave it, I want to watch my team compete with another, 11 against 11, it feels right now though that everyone is willing us to implode.

There was talk a couple of weeks back about an e-mail telling referees to be less lenient to Pompey, that was scoffed at, but it does seem we have more major contentious decision against us every week, if that is the FA’s agenda, so be it, they can stick right up their aris as far as I’m concerned, it seems the FA have basically turned their backs o us anyway, Pompey’s last few owners may of been corrupt but I bet it goes much deeper than that.

As the players walked off Stephen Henderson in particular made a real thing of acknowledging the crowd, he gave his gloves to a nipper in the south stand as he walked off, it looked like goodbye to me.

Apparently this may of been Pompey’s last hurrah at fratton, to be honest it felt it.

If anyone cares about the match, Pompey lost 3-1 again, the first half was goalless with the main talking point being the summer with the funny name clashing heads with Rocha, that and ‘boro number 10 Bailey being the biggest girls blouse since Dawn French was a girl.

The second half and it took another invisible foul to give Robson the chance from the spot.

It was 2 quickly enough, a free kick was played in and Pompey thought it was going out for a goal kick, the scammer with the funny name thought otherwise and headed back across goal for Bates to nod home after Henderson made the initial save.

Pompey got back in straight back in with Halford converting a spot kick of his own, the summer with the funny name giving the pen away, his flying save was impossible to turn down.

Kitson had a golden chance to level but smashed wide, much to the non surprise of the crowd.

The game was over though when Pompey were caught pushing for the equaliser, Emnes slotting home from just inside the area.

The referee endeared himself to both sets of fans by booking anyone who even farted on the pitch, seeing fit to send of Rhys Williams in the dying moments


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  • Read Sunday Toast on the streets at 1am for the latest news from the Administrator Trevor Birch!! Gotta agree with the report Paul and yes I have taken your earlier point on board about the Ticket Office.

  • What with the enforced player departures (see Forum topic here) and vultures like Chainrai (see Forum topic here), I feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..

    I fear the end of our club is nigh…if not in reality but cerainly the spirit is gone.

    Maybe Chainrai will get his way to protect his own interests, but I, like many Pompey fans, have had enough and have seen the heart and sould ripped out of our football club.

    I fear that the image of Portsmouth Football Club is beyond repair and that MANY Pompey fans (me included) will depart forever…

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. Please put the patient out of his misery…

    My fond memories of Pompey have been destroyed forever.

  • the very words i txt to my brothers at the game, enough is enough, put it in the obituary – more clubs will follow as we depart though, this is just the start

  • If the club were an animal, you would put it out of its misery. Sadly, the time has come to draw a line in the sand and start afresh. The leeches must not be allowed to drain the life blood of the city player by player.

  • I am astounded at your comments! I think that there is WAY more happening behind the scenes than we can imagine! There is so much going on that seeing any light at the end of the tunnel is going to be difficult (No Benjani at the game, anyone know where he was? Another out on loan maybe?). I was at the game and I thought that the ref was ABYSMAL! However there was a decent 16,500 turn out and the players seemed to be battling away with plenty of spirit even though their team keeps changing from one minute to the next. They don’t know what is going on either and I think they are putting in a good effort given the circumstances. Are you all aware that TB was the person that acted for CSI to broker the takeover deal? I only found that out yesterday! I think that there is much more going on behind the scenes. If BC puts money back into the club then at least we can try to stabilise and fight on (don’t you remember the last few seasons?). And if we do go down, it won’t be the first time! If the club goes under the point one by other teams will be removed practically giving Scum automatic promotion. At least if we go down fighting we have the opportunity to rebuild over the following years. It has happened before and it will happen again. If the club is liquidated were will the AFCPompey play? It won’t be Fratton Park! That will go into a cloud of housing developments! The PlanB will not have enough funds to take on Fratton Park from the outset! No we need to keep fighting any way we can. Lets face it, they (club owners) are all crooks villains and scumbags but thats the only ones with any money! They are in it for the money and nothing else. Only if you are super rich (Abramavich – russian maffia) can you have a football club as a play toy and quite frankly I would much prefer someone with more heart. When the time comes for Abramovitch to move on the money that he has put into the club (all loans) will have to be taken out and that is past the BILLION pound mark now. Chelski will Never be able to pay that back!

    Come on guys things are really bad but the club spirit needs to be supported! The last couple of games have shown how fantastic the support can be! Tomorrow is another day and anything can happen, especially at Pompey!

  • As it stands, fratton can only be used for sport, if council can buy it for face vavalue and lease/sell it back over time, that would solve that issue

  • 8,000 versus Stockport, great noise. 16,500 on /Saturday, not as loud in my opinion. Yes the ref was abysmal, very weak. Boro exploited that weekness to perfection.

  • Well said MadPhil! The park gets closer to packed each week, and I thought there was a good atmosphere especially in the second half. I think was after Boro’s second goal went in, the Fratton End stood up to a man (and/or woman) and made a wall of noise. We can not go down without a fight. Yes I admit there are times that I feel I’m not up for the fight, but then I see the guys staying behind at the end of the game, and realise I must find the will. Yes I understand the feeling that starting again clears the debts and everything, but it has to be a last resort. The feeling lately that the club’s demise is inevitable has been so so depressing, it has been causing me geniune distress, and it helps to know that the Plan B plans are there. But please lets fight to save the club, and if that takes Chanrai coming back for a while, so be it.

  • Thanks Tracy! Paul, do you honestly think that a) an AFC side would be able to afford to lease back Fratton Park before it made it into the lower leagues? I live in Fareham and I have been to see Fareham town play. It was good but the gate was only just over a hundred, and (B) with this government and ‘trusty’ Councillors, do you honestly believe that they won’t find a way round selling off Fratton Park for developers?

  • doncaster just signed piquionne on loan. i know we have no room to talk on finances but its unbelievable that they can afford that lot, a bit jealous but theyve got nearly 40 players with squad numbers according to sky including 5 goalkeepers!

  • Phil, my point is, IF Pompey go pop, an AFC is inevitable, there would be at least 8,000 fans that would support this side if they were the only Pompey out there, if that were the case I reckon the FA would only relegate us no further than the conference, simply because of the logistics of trying to accommodate the away following, if the council were to own the ground why couldn’t the club rent it to start with?

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