Date: 2nd April 2009 at 3:37pm
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After scoring a goal for his country, Gekas became an instant hero.

Many articles on the net suggested that Gekas is better than Nugent, even if the latter wasn’t mentioned by his name.

That same night,, in particular, attacked Pompey’s boss Paul Hart in an article titled ‘Greece’s Gekas answers his Portsmouth’s Critics’.

In the same match, another Pompey player has proved that he can play; he can lead and can be creative. No doubt, and this is Basinas. But should Basinas play instead of Mullins or Davis?

It is entirely true that Gekas has a lot of talent; can run, can score, can be sharp, and can play a whole match. But does this match should be the end for Nugent. Of course not. Although the Greek is willing to play, Nugent, on the other hand is the man to be on the field.
Considering that Nuge plays for the club, the fans and for our safety, and also considering that Gekas won’t be at the South Coast coming August, I rather play Nugent, with all his limitations rather than the Greek, especially after insulting Paul Hart over childish matters. This should automatically underline my call for Nugent over Gekas.

When it comes to Basinas being preferred over Mullins or Davis, I can also answer with the same manner, ‘English, no Greeks please’. Although we have seen Basinas playing exciting, creative and clever football and above all showing his leadership skills over the years, the Greek can never be the same playing for Portsmouth. First of all, he can hardly speak English, and that means that he cannot lead the team. Besides that, Davis, is showing some excellent football and is proving that he is a very very good holding midfielder. This is why Bolton and other clubs are constantly looking after him. Although it is evident that Davis seems to be heading somewhere else after this season, he still gives everything for the club, and Portsmouth can only benefit out of this. Basinas can never fit in and be a Davis, even if the Greek might be 10 times better.

Looking back at the Everton match, both Davis and Nugent played a very good game, and Portsmouth started looking good recently, without Basinas and Gekas.

Written by Pompey Malta.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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18 Replies to “English, no Greeks please”

  • I stick with what I’ve said before, bring him on late in the game, give him a quick go, see what he does, if he does well bring him on at half time, then start etc…. ALthough if he refuses to play in the reserves then hmmmmm….

  • Nugent is really playing down the left wing for us – would gekas really want to play there?! Basinas… I think we could find room in the team for him – as he really is a very good player… (even if a little old)

  • I liked what I saw of Basinas. Very capable and safe, I thought. But then again, I like Pennant and no one seems to rate him. Oh well!

  • Gekas obviously has ability, its his attitude that’s in question. I think Hart needs to sort things out with him, and bring him on towards the end of the game to give him a chance to prove himself. I do quite like Basinas as well, I would have him as first choice over Mullins. But I am a big fan of Pennant, he was an excellent summer signing.

  • gekas I think is a goal hanger – and that simply doesn;t fit our system at the moment. In fact, when defoe was here, it also didn;t fit our system, which is why we arn;t doing as well this year as we have in the past: 4-4-2 just doesn’t win games!

  • this is NOT the time to hold grudges, give gekas 20 minutes at the end of ONE game … make it quite obvious it will seal his fate … then see! (MFFP i … a lot too ya know, its a disease i think!)

  • Both are good . One only we have seen play. They are capable of good performances and either on the bench or on the field we have to trust the manager to use them as he sees fit. However I remember Basinas when early in his first match he really went in and got clobbered and I feared a serious injury. But no, a rub dowm and he continued with energy and a good quality touch on his long ball. Must say he looked a good sort.

  • I think Gekas should be on the bench and if we do need that late goal give him a go. He has a lot to prove though after his little hissy fit as for Basinas, the lack of english in his CM role puts me off. Davis is Doing a great job in the middle

  • Gekas did not get persuaded to come to Pompey on the ground s of sitting on the bench and then having a game for the reserves.
    He was probabaly promised the world by Adams if he cam on loan to the end of the year, with a view to signing in the summer.
    He probvbaly watched our performances and thought he could do better, or at least deserved a chance, and that was probably true at the time.
    Much rather he kicks off than sit like Utaka, Lauren, Duffy and Traore and taKe the money, whilst giving nothing to the team.

  • One thing a player should NEVER do is come out in public against your manager and refuse to do what he says. I say for that he should have had his bags packed and been sent back to Greece in a rowing boat!

  • Sneakay, you must have been to see Damned United, i thought you were Cloughie for a moment there!!

  • Give him a go then judge him!!! If he’s crap then feed him to the lions. To be honest we’re not exactly blessed with awesome strikers LOL

  • thing with gekas is he isnt going to do the role that nugent is is he – hart isnt going to go for 2 up top until we are safe, if he even does then… basinas looked ok to me and im sad that he has slipped so far out of the picture.
    i agree with you Owens, when you think about it you would rather a player was unhappy at not playing, i just wish things had been handled slightly different than they were, but then again it was ‘the news’ doing the reporting 🙂

  • The impression I got from the Official Fan meeting when the question re Gekas was posed is that feathers are very very ruffled. Not only was Paul Hart miffed, Peter Storrie was a bit tootty about it all as well. Strikes me its all gettinga bit precious.

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