Date: 13th August 2007 at 1:53pm
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Lua Lua goes Greek, Yak could go to Everton, and Anelka always was unlikely. Now, the news of the World is saying we will go for Nugent’s u21 strike partner, Leroy Lita.

I would not be against such a move, as he was very impressive last season, and has already formed a partnership with Nugent – that took England to the semis of the under 21 championship, and has always looked like he has plenty of goals in him.

Recently, Lita refused to sign a new contract with Reading, wishing to leave his options open – leading to speculation that Reading may try to offload him before either he went for a free in 2 seasons time, or at a cut-price fee this time next year.

I doubt very much that there is much substance to this rumour, as it just seems very convenient that we need a striker, and Reading could be looking to offload one, but it is a move I would not oppose, although I feel it is more likely to be the news of the world putting 2 and 2 together, and making 5.

Written by Pompeycarpet.

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14 Replies to “England U21 reunion: Lita to join Nugent?”

  • i like the fella and tbh – as i said during the u21s euro champs – i was more impressed by lita that i was nugent in that tournament so would have take him then… i would have no probs with him coming here but i would doube reading will let him leave will they?

  • Wish there was truth in this rumour. I’ve said when he was at Bristol Rovers that we should have made a bid for him, instead Reading pay peanuts and get a STRIKER….yep thats what I said a striker. Not a forward, but someone who genuinely knows where the goal is! a little errattic at times but that will calm with experiance…Leroy you know it makes sense….

  • yep, from the classic striker mould isnt he mate. i wasnt sure he had what it took when reading 1st came up but i soon changed my opinion… if he has a good season i reckon he could make the step up to the full england side.

  • what a partnership we could get – the 2 england wanabies – both are good enough for it – and they have played togethor, and have a partnership. The only problem is that i doubt it will happen, and think he will most likely stay at reading.

  • coming from reading iv followed litas progress throughout the last two years and he seems to get better in every game!

    i think all my mates have conceded that they will lose one of lita or doyle over the next year. i do however think that now kitson is banned for three games, reading will definitely not want to lose a striker!

  • and also, do we want someone who misses the start of the season because he “injures himself in bed”. a big fuss was made about lita and him headbutting his ex best mate and seriously injuring him. do we want another striker who has a dodgy past and may get in trouble with the police?

  • Rug, you may rememeber we thought about Lita a while back, i think he will be better value for money than Yak/ Defoe/ kanoute/ anelka. I also think an offer similar to that of Nugent would get him, maybe a little more because Lita is prem proven. Lita is fairly local and the move would make sense for him so as pompeycarpet says.. it probably aint going to happen… shame though that is

  • theres no harm in putting in a bid, and if we could get him, it would be fantastic. i honestly dont care if he couldnt make the start of the season becasue he fell out of bed, he is prem proven, and can get us the goals we so desperatly need – and is english too.

  • yep Lita would be ideal in my book…hes got the that killer instinct that seperates a striker from a Benjani….I mean forward….saying that, what a nifty little step over to bamboozle griffin in the Derby game!!!

  • i remember russ – my bro being a conspiracy theorist doesnt believe that he is injured anyway, he thinks it is to do with is reluctance to sign a contract and maybe a move might happen… dont really by into that myself, altho i think he was saying it more in jest, altho i wouldnt mind if it was true. even if he is injured for a few weeks id still make a move for him if we could, young, english, hungry and knows where the goal is and whats more he can only get better!

  • Can’t see it, Harry rarely chances on too many young players, and two up front looks highly unlikely

  • I like Lita alot–sounds like an anagram to me—-
    I agree with russelm that he offers far more value than the strikers-sorry penton-forwards mentioned. He is also english so no ANC issues. I dont want Yak for any more than we paid because as stated i dont think he is worth it. However rumblings form anfield say scummer crouch is unhappy—–hmm not too sure how that would work but i rate the lanky streak of tetleys bitter

  • hmm, i dont rate crouch at all…he has played ok…ish for england – but only really against teams like jamaica, and he has scorred a few goals for liverpool – but they always seem fluke – he doesnt get in the right positions, he doesnt do much work for himself, and he is funny to watch. Lita would be much better in my opinion,but two young strikers in one transfer window – unlikely. (although he is prem proven…)

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