Date: 5th October 2007 at 1:09am
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This weekend proved disastrous for English goalkeepers, with only Chris Kirkland performing to a relatively good standard, conceding just one goal to Liverpool.

However, it is England’s top 4 goalkeepers: Paul Robinson, David James, Scott Carson and Ben Foster that we should be worried about.

Paul Robinson has been in abysmal form this season for spurs, the 4 goals on Monday night just one example of how poorly he has been playing, as at least 2 of the goals can be attributed to his mistakes.

David James also conceded 4 goals – although against a Reading side that conceded 7 – this is still no excuse, even if they were all more luck than judgment. He was, however, coming off the back from 3 strait clean sheets – a little more savoury statistic than anyone else can show.

Scott Carson, whilst having performed better than Paul Robinson, still let in 4 goals this week – which, as for the others, is just not good enough.

Ben Foster, I have only included on the back of his call up to England last year, although I haven’t seen him play yet – which can hardly help his efforts for an England call up.

So, who should be England Number 1?

Should it be David James – officially (via Actim stats) the premierships, and England’s number one – goalkeeper from last year? Should it be England’s current number 1 – Paul Robinson, who is heading for a record number of international clean sheets, despite poor league form? Or should it be one of the up and coming 2 in Ben Foster, who had a great season last year, but has yet to stake his claim to the Manchester United team sheet, or Scott Carson, who’s form for Aston Villa has been quite good. Or, should it be Chris Kirkland – as voted for by Wigan fans on the Vital Wigan site?

Personally, I would stick with Paul Robinson, despite David James being better – as to replace Robinson would destroy his morale – but who would you go for?

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14 Replies to “England goalkeeping conundrum”

  • i think foster is ultimately the england no.1 and had he not been injured at the moment i think he would have been in with van der sar injured – but at present i would still go with jamo… yep robinson kept 2 clean sheets recently but he wasnt really tested much… its a difficult one as leaving him out could shatter his already fragile confidence but we have to win the games coming up mentally jamo is much stronger so i would have him in… strikers are picked by how many goals they are scoring aswell as how well they are playing – if they stop scoring they dont get picked, so club form should dictate who is the england no.1 too… tbh i still think robinson will get the nod but personally i would have jamo as the no.1 every day of the week – good article tho carpet man, it should get some good debate going!

  • I’d rule Carson & Foster out for the time being, but as for the other two ….From a league form perspective both conceded 4 at the weekend. Overall (in the league) James has conceded 12 and Robinson 16 – James has had 2 clean sheet from a possible 8, Robinson 1 from the same number – Neither played in the Carling Cup games, but Robinson has also conceded 2 in 2 in UEFA cup. – If I was the England Manager I’d stick both names in a hat and pull one out and go with that

  • i would go for carson or james with rio and terry in front of them they wouldn’t let many goals in. they are far better than robinson for me, you cant keep robinson in goal just because it would shatter his confidence, you have to think the form he is in he could single handedly knock us out of the european championship. ROBINSON OUT

  • this is a worry that i have too mate – his form is patchy at best, jamo is a far stronger person and less likely to crack under pressure, one moment of hesitation and we could be out…

  • Listen to the football chat shows, and Spurs fans are saying that Robinson should be rested.
    The y think the back 4 has lost confidence in him and certainly the Villa game showed what a liability he has become.
    We know Jammo has his moments but he has waited for another go in the side, and deserves the chance.

  • and what about chris kirkland? he has had a pretty decent season, behind a poor defence…ok, i dont rate him either… I would have robo as the keeper – untill we have qualified. I dont see him mucking up again for england, and he is on form internationaly. only 2 goals conceeded (i think) at croata is impressive, whatever anyone says. even if they were both entirely his fault.

  • kirkland has to stay innury free to even have a hint of being the england no.1 keeper that he once looked a shoe-in to be… i just have this horrible feeling that robbo will have a bad time in one of these upcoming games as he might not be strong enough mentaly?

  • …having mentioned him in my last fw posts…kirkland, not wanting to miss out on the fun, let in 4 goals this week…

  • Just watched the highlights from the weekends games – It’s gotta be Jamo……..but it won’t be ‘spinless’ will stick with Robinson, he’ll make a mistake against Russia, we;ll get knocked outta the competition (not qualify) and it’ll be down to Mr Macca not having the bottle to drop his keeper… doom & gloom… Why can everybody else see it apart for him ?

  • completely agree mate and those have been my feeling – i fear robbo’s luck will run out for england in these two games a howler could cost us, grow a pair spineless and do what is right for the country – sod robbo and ‘his fragile confidence!

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