Date: 29th April 2012 at 12:00pm
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The exodus and surgery starts now, well to be honest it had already started before kick off, Jason Pearce and Greg Halford had to watch from the stands as Pompey bade farewell to the championship, both have transfers lined up and were left out to protect them.

The bench had a few pointers to next season, Jed Wallace sat next to another youth product, in Grant.

On the field was a bit of re-hash, Rekik slotted into centre back with Rocha swapping places.

The game was a flat end of season affair, no one in blue seemed that up for it first half, no one in red was either to be fair, summer holidays awaited, nothing to pay for, ho wants to sit on the beach in plaster?

Pompey took about 2300 fans to the City ground, as usual they were in party mood, Neil Allen of the news wrote on Friday that faced with relegation, Wolves booed, Coventry cried, Pompey partied, how apt.

We as fans take the brunt of any emotion that Pompey, can throw at us, we’ve had some unbelievable highs over the last ten years, 5 trips to Wembley, a tour of Europe and some world class talent to admire, Ronaldinho and AC Milan graced our pitch, we had 3 England internationals at one point, plus two midfielders that were to later sign for Inter Milan and Real Madrid, extreme highs for anyone who has watched Pompey over the last 50 odd years.

Now come the lows, Pompey are a financial car crash, the squad will be dismantled over the summer, hopefully very quickly, that way our young, honest and talented manager can find the base to re-build, he reckons only about 3 of the current squad will remain, if so, new faces will come in, young hungry players if the signs are to be read, but nevertheless it will be Pompey we support next season, whatever level they are at.

As a footnote to any younger fans who have only known higher tier football, trust me challenging for promotion in league 1 will feel just a good as vying for the premier, a competitive Pompey will be good to watch whatever level it is at.


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  • Looking forward to the league 1 tour, much more exciting than the prem! I might be wrong but I think it was four England internationals in James, Johnson, Defoe and crouch at one time. Either way it was a good squad we had once upon a time.

  • Did Sol Campbell not play for england whilst at pompey too?
    And You forgot to mention Sulley Muntari heading to another Italian giant strait from us.

  • There was a particular game where Pompey had 5 playing for England. No other club in England had as many as we did. Those were good days, but better ones ahead. PuP!

  • To all those who say it is better not being in the prem, BULLOCKS! For chrikey’s sake be man enou to be honest.

    We were excited at the wealth of talent we had playing for us, thrilled at the skills that Prosi, Merson and co displayed in getting us up the championship, and towards the premier league. We have thrilled at the presence of England internationals playing for us, and having the highs that come from seeing awe inspiring talent on the pitch.

    We absolutely do not need to be depressed at relegation, and I recall many seasons in the third and fourth division, where the likes of Huddersfiled and Bradford were our big challenges, but let’s not make ourselves look stupid pretending we prefer sloppy football, poor passing and goal mouth scrambles that mean we don’t know who scored.

    Worst thing of all, for me, and others who do not live within the city limits is that we will see precious little coverage of Pompey at all.

  • it is always terribly sad when so many players leave under these circumstances, but if you at least gain some stability and financial sanity, this could make you a better club in a couple of years. you seem to have a great bunch of promising kids and their early promotion can stand you in good stead as and when they get the experience and fulfil their potential. though I am a rival fan, I genuinely hope you find that balance bewteen relative success and financial stability. Portsmouth were one of the first teams I ever watched live about 35 yrs ago (against Oxford) and I have always admired the fantastic support whether that being against Oxford or for my team Tottenham. Best of luck guys, I hope the worse is now over.

  • That’s the problem OS, we still don’t know if we’re going to survive. If we do there could be some exciting years ahead. I agree 100%, wakey.

  • sorry paultsmouth. I got confused between the italian clubs – we also have KPB at AC Milan too

  • Memories that can never be erased, with fans that have seen it all. I love Fratton Park and do not care if it is considered by others to be antiquated, it doesn’t pretend to be what it is not, and the AC Milan fans LOVED it, as did their players. 8000 Pompey fans at home will seem like a lot more, and 3000 away is a real possibility if we get going. Our biggest asset in my opinion is the manager. With his own men on board I do not expect some of the poor performances we have endured this year to be repeated. Bring it on! I shall be there!

  • Sorry to disagree, Wakey, but I’m with Gandor 1 on this. I’ve said for at least 4 years (you can check this, presumably) that I would rather be in the Championship and out of a Rat Race that I absolutely hate. I would rather be relegated to Division 3 than promoted to the Awful Premiership. I’m not sure it needs explanation, really, but look at us; we only competed because we were complete s//ite with our finances. It was exciting but the yearly scrap for avoiding relegation is not football; not my version of football, anyway. Look at QPR, they have signed a bunch of (rap JUST to avoid relegation. That isn’t what it’s about, is it? Without a second thought, I would swap the FA Cup for a normal team. without debt, run well and in with a chance of promotion to the league above. Yes, even to the Prem if it sorts itself out (idiotic wages for rubbish players etc) Yo-yoing is fine – as long as we don’t over-spend. While the Premiership is seen as the Holy Grail, this nonsense will continue – sorry Wakey but you seem part of the problem, thinking like that. Bring on League Division Three, it’s Pompey I love, not the quality of football. Appy, buy some non league players and the best from Division Four; I’ll be there, with my two season tickets for the #*&££”~ year running and I will enjoy it as much as ever. Win or lose. Play up Pompey.

  • We certainly have had some extreme ups and downs, thats for sure. The FA cup win, Europe, the Milan game, were completely mad times – and yet it felt completely normal that Pompey should have this success at the time. Now the financial situation is dire, and has been for a while, but if we do still have a club, we still have everything that makes us Pompey. That includes not being upset about relegation and embracing the prospect of the League 1 tour. Bring it on!

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