Date: 8th April 2009 at 12:37pm
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After the debacle of a deal that saw a proposed permanent £5m – or so – move to Pompey from Spurs of Giovani dos Santos in January, I would be surprised if he would even consider a move to us again… But, and this is only according to ‘FansFC’, it is being reported that a ‘bridge building’ exercise between ‘him’ and us could see him loan us the talented Mexican next season?

Just imagine ‘him’ constantly giving it all that all the time about ‘doing us a favour’ though…

Problem with ‘Jamie’s Dad’ is ‘one good turn usually deserves another’, so I would suspect that he would be looking to use him as a ‘sweetener’ to take one of our star players to White Hart Lane to join him, something that he will clearly look to do anyway – we just have to hope that his ‘taping up’ and ‘unsettling methods’, as he will do this despite claiming he does not, do not tempt anyone his way, nor is our ‘need to sell’ great enough that we allow this!

I would have loved dos Santos to have arrived in January, but always had this feeling in my head that his arrival was just ‘talk’ and we had little intention of actually ever signing him?

In many ways we made the fella look a mug! He was apparently ‘not fit enough to play for us’, but was for Mexico, and now Ipswich, just days/weeks later so this tends to add backing to my thoughts… All that said, a risk with money of that amount could not be taken could it.

The summer is a long way off, even though it is close at the same time, plenty of rumours will fly around but ‘if’ we could bring in dos Santos on loan without having to give ‘Sandra’s husband’ anything in return I would take that – as it is I would suspect he would say thanks but no thanks, but maybe not be so polite about it, and in many ways I would not blame the young Mexican…


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