Date: 12th July 2009 at 10:39am
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I have not picked up any of the Sunday papers, when I stay in Cosham – as I am this weekend – the family that I stay with buy them so I do get to maybe browse through a couple…the ‘online world of papers’ is going into overdrive today though…

‘The deal is going to be delayed until August…’
‘Further delays will raise doubt about it actually going through…’
‘Even if it does go through we will only sign ‘cheap players’…’
‘Paul Hart will be our ‘saviour’ again as he steps into the management breach…’

Blah, blah, bloody blah!

Of course that 11th July deadline has come and gone, this is probably why ‘sometime in July’ should have been the date we stuck to, by saying 11th July would be a date we kind of left ourselves open for the media to sharpen their knives and sink them in – like we do with a good number of things to be fair… – and so is it little surprise they are?

Ok, cards on the table time…

I would be lying if I said I was not ‘a little concerned’ now, as although this does take a hell of a long time to go through, the longer it takes the more you cannot help think ‘maybe it will not happen?’


Lets put that ‘but’ out there, if it is not going to happen lets just come out and admit it, lets not treat us – the Pompey fans – like mugs, just come out with it.

We will rally round, backs to the wall spirit will see everything given. It would well and truly be Pompey against the world, with us having nothing to lose and all to gain…an interesting thought, and lets be honest it would show how true the support of some is I guess!


As is it, I still believe this takeover will go through though, but I do tire of saying ‘I wish it would hurry up’, but I wish it would hurry up…


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