Date: 3rd December 2009 at 2:39pm
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The situation off the pitch, forgetting on it, at Pompey just gets worse and worse does it not?

To be fair it is probably a ‘bit rich’ for SAF to be ‘demanding answers’ about things, seeing as he was not exactly someone that was backing up claims – even if, in all fairness, he was not making that many – with many answers himself…

Yet today he has told The Guardian – or is at least quoted as doing so – that he has ‘doubts’ that Ali Al Faraj will be able to do what is needed to get our transfer embargo lifted and has ‘retracted’ his support to our ‘invisible man’ of an owner.

He is quoted as saying: ‘I would like to apologise for saying publicly last month that I was confident the transfer embargo would be lifted.

‘I said this in good faith. As the embargo is still in place, then it seems there is still an ongoing issue.

‘Avram Grant needs this situation clarified one way or another as we are now less than a month away from the January transfer window.’

Like I say, SAF can hardly point too many fingers can he but I think he is right in the way that SOMETHING needs to give now! It needed to give months ago…

None of the ‘owners’, ‘part owners’ or those that brought Al Faraj, et al, on board with the ‘grand promises’ – by that I mean Peter Storrie, granted he has his own ‘problems’ to be dealing with – are looking anymore credible with each day that passes, far from it. Mark Jacobs, Al Faraj’s ‘right hand man’, only seems to say anything when he feels he has to ‘defend’ someone, yet these words usually offer further ‘assurances’ that are not backed up anyway!

I just give up now.

Things are bad enough on the pitch, even if the actual dedication being shown is not lacking, but the longer things ‘stutter’ – if they are even stuttering, is anything actually happening? – then the less likely it is that you can see any light at the end of any tunnels!

In actual fact, for me, the less clarification that we get about things the more concerned I actually do get about our ‘future’ should, as is looking more ominous by the game, we actually be relegated…

As said countless times, I do not fear relegation because it means going out of the premier league, whilst I do not want that my main fear about doing this is down to the massive losses in financial income we will see. We are finding it hard enough as it is at the moment with the riches the premier league offers us – God knows how we would cope without this, even with ‘parachute payment’ for a couple of years.

‘Farce’, ‘shambles’, ‘joke’, just some of the more mild mannered words, are the ones used to describe what has been going on off the pitch with Pompey for several months. The longer things go on the harder it is to disagree with these thoughts – and worse!

What is that saying, ‘the left hand does not know what the right is doing?’ Well that saying seems pretty accurate for Pompey, although instead of hands it seems as though you can replace that with the word ‘people’, as it seems one person does not know what the other is doing – and people in such ‘power’ should not be going about things that way.

So, the major questions that need answering are WHAT are these people that ‘run’ our club actually playing at? What, if anything, are they actually doing for us?


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