Date: 23rd April 2014 at 12:59pm
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Well that very question, ‘does AA deserve the job’, was the question asked in the latest VP poll…

The votes had been cast; these numbers toted up with it decided among the VP fraternity that Andy Awford ‘definitely’ deserves the Pompey job.

I can fully understand why some went for the ‘still too soon to say’ option as perhaps waiting until the season ends and then making the rational, emotional free, decision is the right way to go.

As it is I cannot really see how we could not give Awford the job to be honest…

He has proven that he can motivate the players; his man-management skills are there with him also showing that he has tactical awareness as he has made changes to games, to either win it or hold onto a lead, when it has been obvious that he needs to.

In terms of ‘managerial experience’ he has shown, even if they were both limited in that respect; that he is – in my opinion – better than his predecessors this season.

Would that make him right for us in the long-term, only time would tell…

I still have my reservations about his ability in the transfer market, and how he can attract players and handle players on a longer-term basis not to mention what things will be like when it is not all ‘sweetness and roses’ but I think he has earned his chance, right?

The board meet tomorrow, among the discussions – with Awford in attendance – will be his position as manager, no decision is expected tomorrow but we could be ‘someway down that road’ to his appointment.

For me Awford has done everything that has been asked of him, and more.

If I were to be ultra critical of him I would question his thoughts shared in the News on Tuesday, he was basically ‘pressuring the board’ into making a decision on his future.

I have been critical of the other managers we have had this season due to an insistence of ‘talking too much’ to the local media, Awford has done a fair amount of this but until the past few days this had all been positive and motivational really and little else.

Did he really need to share his almost ‘ultimatum’ thoughts?

He has dealt himself a strong hand, if I were him I would just continue to play that and let the board come to him – as I am sure they will – and do not start to be looking to demanding or putting pressure on them.

I appreciate the needs to get a heads up and start planning for next season quickly but another couple of weeks as things are would not really hurt would it…

What the poll asked – 5/5 – Does AA deserve the job?

How you voted – Yep, definitely 55%
Still too soon to say… 45%
Nope, we look elsewhere 0%

Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded?

You know what to do guys, leave your thoughts below please. Also vote on the latest poll to your right…

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