Date: 21st May 2015 at 8:50am
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I planned to look at some of the players we DO have under contract and wondered which ones, if any, should be a little ‘concerned’ about their own future seen at Paul Cook is wielding the axe!

I’ve been beaten to this though as I noticed Pompeytim had made comment in the forum – click here, asking the question looking at the handful of players the News had been focusing on so I will hand you over to what was said…

Amongst the remaining 14 players, we have:


The News has a story running that asks the question as to whether they should be worried.

It is a good question. Do we think we may see mutual agreements to see any of these leave early?

Any thoughts Vital Peeps?

If I were Westcarr, given the previous that he and Cook have as he was transfer-listed within weeks of Cook becoming Chesterfield manager and eventually transferred to Walsall – I do so wish we had kept him there!

After a VERY poor season I would also be seriously concerned if I were Hollands who should think himself mighty fortunate that he’s under contract as if he wasn’t there wouldn’t be too much doubt about where his future would be…

Barcham has something about him, when he’s fit but his inconsistency and ability to remain fit might be his undoing and as much as Atangana has potential and obvious ability he needs to find some bottle and man up, which a player of his stature shouldn’t have issues with, or his step-up to the professional game will be a short-lived one.

Ertl is Ertl, I still feel he offers more than credited for and is well worth keeping in the squad, the manor in which Andy Awford discarded him arguably didn’t do him any favours in his final weeks! So, for me, probably the only one who I wouldn’t have too many doubts about retaining.

All in all though the thing that ‘might’ save those under contract is the fact that they have a contract but ‘mutual agreements’ might still be possible!

Like I said to start the basis of this was shared by Pompeytim in the forum – click here


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