Date: 13th March 2009 at 12:40pm
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Distin admits losing focus

The immortal words of paultsmouth, after the Liverpool defeat, that Sylvain Distin had gone from ‘the player of the season to an absolute doughnut’ were spot on, but the Frenchman insists that he is now back to his best and ‘fully fookussed’ – the way the French say focused is fantastic! – on the task in hand.

He had some absolute shockers after ‘he’ left. Was this because he wanted to be somewhere else – thoughts than many had? Others were that he was fed up with having to basically carry other members of the back four? But he has today said that the turmoil of this season had got to him mentally much more than he realised, and basically he ‘gave up’ under Tony Adams following the departure of Jamie’s Dad.

In many ways people can argue that his unprofessional approach, hell you cannot even argue against it, it is unprofessional and with him picking up thousands of pounds a week it is unacceptable. Being focused on what he does is something that he, and others, should do regardless as to what is going on! But it also takes a bigger man to hold his hands up and admit his shortcomings…

Distin is clearly much happier under Paul Hart, with this visibly showing, and insists that he is not thinking about ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ and is only concentrating on keeping Pompey in the top flight with the thought we could go down not entering his mind.

We need him at his very best, and as said to be fair he has been showing this – it is unfortunate that this could not be the case throughout the whole season, but despite the fortunes they pick up I guess they are only human like you and I…

I am being too forgiving or understanding really aren’t I?


Pennant thinking no further than May

Jermaine Pennant has said that thoughts on his own future are secondary to him and dreams of a move to Madrid or Milan, or even staying with Pompey, are not crossing his mind at the moment – the main priority for him is to help keep Pompey in the premier league, with him crossing his future bridge when it arrives…

He has shown what he can do, but for me the lack of confidence factor and clear lack of fitness has shown at times for him – not playing, as he had not been before coming here, clearly means you are lacking competitive fitness and despite seemingly being confident by nature this confidence in your own ability also goes if you are not playing.

For a winger I have been slightly disappointed at his willingness to come inside so often, with this something he was constantly doing against Chelski – although to be fair to him on that night the conditions were hardly conducive to ‘running at your man down the line’ were they, as the touchline was probably the worst effected area by the treacherous conditions.

I have not been a fan of Pennant’s in the past in all honesty, but since his arrival he has shown glimpses to me as to why I think he would be a fine addition to our squad if he wanted to stay here and if we could afford the wages – for me though talk of a move to Madrid or Milan is ridiculous, he is good but not that good and would without a doubt be a squad player at best…


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