Date: 3rd January 2010 at 11:23am
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Was there a football match on yesterday? Didn’t feel like it, I took my eldest and indoctrinated my 4 year old son yesterday, I took them to a barren area called Fratton, about 11,000 turned up, 3,000 of which were from the midlands.
I’m 39 now, when I first got the Pompey bug as we got promoted from the 4th division, I was about to turn 9, through the 80’s and early 90’s I travelled all over watching my fractured heroes, the average crowds fluctuated between 8,000 and 15,000, only when the big boys came down for a plum cup draw did the ground really fill up.
So after 7 years drinking from the ambrose filled cup of the Premiership, we have imploded once more, kid yourself all you want, but Coventry and Leicester is back to who we will be playing next season, and the crowds of 15,000 will be the norm once more, yesterday was a taster.

I know this a match report, but the football has paled into insignificance of late, I sat up in the unusual surroundings of the North stand yesterday, the match was honestly a blur, Pompey were out there in body, minds obviously elsewhere, our two best players were the two most likely to depart very soon, and the two who seemed to care most of all.

Pompey pushed in the first half, old frailties highlighting our predicament, Piquionne, willing runner that he is, missed a couple of headed chances he should of buried, and then the defence stood of a bloke called Bell who cracked home from distance for Coventry.
Pompey had been on top, but were behind, following the script for the season, we rallied briefly towards the end of the half, Hughes chipping in a cross for Boateng to nod home, parity restored.

Sitting in the stands, it was obvious to me and the other freezing souls where our problems lay, we had absolutely no natural width, Coventry were solid through the middle, but with no plan B we could not get behind.

On came another who was supposed to be on massive wages which is crippling us, and to be fair he was lively and seemed the most likely to score, Utaka testing the substitute ‘keeper who denied us last year for Swansea.

The game petered out and the fans trickled home, a couple of hundred decided to protest at the Frogmore road entrance, chanting for the board to go, my opinion was that the board still hasn’t arrived from Saudi!

More of an epitaph than a football report, but I sat through ninety odd minutes and nothing stuck, the off field stuff is now dominating PFC as a whole, not just for me in the stand, but the players on the pitch now, Pompey are disappearing before our eyes and we can do little about it.


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  • Attendance – One man and his dog, went to mow a meadow.
    At least we have now been sent to Coventry – SILENCE…

  • I agree Paul, no plan B. Wasn’t that the criticism levelled at PH? btw I like your article – well written.

  • Great article. Relate to so much of it. I took my 13 year old daughter. After the 2 pathetic home cup games least season, I take her to her third pathetic home game. Foregoing my ususal Fratton End spot for the South Stand. I sat (a novelty) & besides a few clean shouts of desperation, I bit my tongue in utter frustartion. Awful would be kind & I fear it will just get worse.

  • plan b is in africa at the moment. that’s about as positive as i can get. and, at least we didn’t do what man u did today.

  • Apparently the protesters dispersed when Younes came out to talk to them, and asked them to keep behind the players and team. Good of him to do that, but surely it should be someone representing the owners (Mark Jacob?) who should do that? That’s part of the problem!

  • if it had been someone representing the owners, I think it would have only made the situation worse… it needed to be someone the crowd respected.

  • Depressing times right now, just when we resign ourselves, someone from within tries to raise our hopes, thing is with Pompey fans, we are loyal and will return again and again, if someone would just say “we are virtually bankrupt and and have to sell anyone of value, relegation is a near certainty” it would be accepted and the fans would get behind the reserves and youth team to finish the season, its being led on that everything will be alright that we won’t accept, time for the brutal honest truth.

  • Thought it was a good run out for the team and provided a taster of the quality of opposition you will face next season.

  • come on you are a prmier side, you should be able to get passed this and the next round, but it seems that the off field activities are affecting the team big style.

  • Chin-up men … Let’s not let this jolly Arab rotter get us down something will turn up you’ll see and we will be richer than a rich man in a money factory… Bump.. whoops back to reality .. a good article Paul !

  • i feel for pompey at the moment, dark times indeed, but dont lose faith, all teams have the ups and downs, we got relegated and came back up, and i feel that if you guys do go down, when you do come back you will be stronger than ever.

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