Date: 1st November 2009 at 9:19am
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Pompey carried on from their Carling cup exploits with a repeat performance against Wigan, thanks mainly to a confidence boosting hat-trick form Dindane, the decision to go 4-4-2, great all round team play and the return of the Fratton drums.

Paul Hart omitted Tommy Smith from his line-up to make way for the two goal man from Wednesday Piquionne, otherwise it was a familar line-up in a different formation, Brown returned from his ban and was rewarded with the armband, as he replaced Mokoena and was up against his old club.

Pompey were straight on the attack from the off, Boateng firing in a warning shot across the bows in the first minute, and even Wilson venturing forward to hammer an effort into the Milton end.
Wigan were never in the contest, Pompey’s midfield was all over them if they tried to push forward, and Brown and particularly O’Hara were looking dominant.

On the quarter of an hour, Dindane seemed to harry Boyce off of the ball to go clean through, but although the linesman was happy, Fergie’s mate Wiley called it from 25 yards away as a foul.
Pompey were firing in pot-shots aplenty, most were off target though, and those that found the goal were easily fielded by Kirkland.

Rodalegga caused concern when he tumbled over the hoardings into the Fratton end, but after a couple of minutes treatment he was back although moving a bit stiffly.

Dindane headed over a good effort when he should of hit the target, then Piquionne hit a stinging drive that Kirkland could only parry and then gather at the second attempt with Boateng lurking.

Pompey were all over Wigan, but the final ball wasn’t there, but then Michael Brown cliped a beauty through the defence for Dindane, one on one he in turn lifted it with the outside of his foot over Kirkland and Pompey had broken the deadlock, and Dindane his duck.

Jason Scotland almost levelled minutes later when he was played through, but his effort flashed wide and Pompey clung on, only for Piquionne to double the lead in first half injury time!
Freddy burst through down the right, he too found himself with just the ‘keeper to beat, and he too did just that, firing in past his legs and Fratton was truly rocking.

Second half and you expected wigan to have had a rocket, but it was pompey who almost extended the lead, only Bramble making a great challenge preventing Dindane getting in an effort.

Piquionne ended his day the way he started it, with a bang, only this time it was to his head and he was carried off with concussion for Kanu to come on.

Dindane almost doubled his tally again, his shot deflecting and skidding just wide of Kirkland’s right hand post.

But Pompey were to have the rout, a Wigan defender was dispossed on the left, Kanu was fed and he squared it for Dindane to bundle home in fornt of a raptuous Fratton end.

Pompey were playing to the olays now, Belhadj, Boateng and Kanu loving the opportunity to show off the aray of tricks, it was one such mazy run that earned Pompey the fourth, Kanu waltzing round a static defence and being hauled down for Pompey’s first spot-kick of the season.
Boateng was talked out of it by Dindane, and he colly slotted home for his 3rd and Pompey’s 8th in 2 games, game over good night.

Player Ratings

Will love having games like this, was hardly needed except from one great block in the first half.

Best game by a mile, with his fitness returning he is looking like the player he was at Bolton

Is there a more composed 21 year old centre back in the Prem?

Like Wilson he is really forming a great partnership in the centre.

Never looked fit from the ko, day ended early on 40 minutes.

Never shone as bright today, but that was more to do with the others raising to his level, rather than his dropping.

The big dog on the day

Revelled in the captaincy and and drove us on like a pitbull.

Another getting better with every game.

3 today and hopefully the start of a goal rush

Like Dindane he is off the mark in the league now, need some more though!

Replaced Finnan and played a much more mature role, gone were the rash tackles and risky passes, still the crosses and tricks were there!

Carried on from midweek, with 20-30 minutes to go is there a better substitute?

Manager Rating
Paul Hart got it right, 4-4-2 is the way to play teams of similar stature, credit for getting that right and it is paying dividends.

Turning point?
8 goals in 5 days, but is the start of Fortress Fratton returning? Well, not yet, but the portcullis is closing again and the drawbridge has a new pulling system!


29 Replies to “Dindane gooly gooly watcha!”

  • Absolutely superb result….and thoroughly deserved. I was listening to the Quay down here in Pasty Land and could barely contain myself. Bloke on the boat alongside must have thought I was having a fit. We’ve got to take that form to Blackburn now and grab another 3 points. We can make the great escape if we carry on playing with the same passion. Well done the lads and everyone that was at Fratton yesterday, the noise levels sounded fantastic…..PUP….

  • Not even the constant drizzle, or the day of housework the missus has planned for me is going to wipe the smile off my face today!!

  • Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it, but I did temper joining in with “we are staying up” due to the poor display by Wigan. I was expecting more from them. That said, you can only beat the team that’s in front of you. Same again against Blackburn! Ben Haim had a cracker especially when he changed sides. PUP

  • Oh happy days! I thorughly enjoyed the game, thought it was great. The Fratton End and the Milton End and the North Stand were absolutely fantastic. What a difference the drums make? Credit to whoever sanctioned them again!

  • PS: Meant to say – did anyone see Dindane’s after match interview. He said Prince let him take the goal kick as that would make a Hat trick for him. What a nice thing for the Prince to do? Team spirit that – oodles of it! PUP! Who needs Distin et al? I’ll do without, thank you very much! I enjoyed myself as much yesterday as I ever did last year – more in fact!

  • gandor – letting the “non-penalty taker” take penalties before becuase players are on hatricks has hurt us before though… remember benjanis pathetic penalty, or kanus… and jamies dad ranting on how they would never take penaltys ever again…

  • dindanes now only 5 goals off the top goalscorers in the leauge .

    another hatrick next week then…

  • Carpet – it did cross my mind that it was a bit of cavalier – but as Dave says – we were already 3-0 up with no time to go. I thought that was very generous of the Prince, and that kind of team spirit bodes well for the rest of the season.

  • I have begin to notice how Wilson is able to play some really creative and accurate passes from way back straight over midfield to the feet of our forwards. He’s certainly been a real revelation this season. Also, is Kanu not the coolest dude in the entire world? He sends experienced defenders the wrong way just by wiggling his hips. The man is a complete legend and well worth whatever we are paying him

  • £50,000 ish really? don’t get me wrong i completely agree with everything else you said hammersmith but £50k for a couple of cameo appearances (so far) is a little on the excessive side if you ask me, although to be fair the guy oozes pure class!

  • I haven’t enjoyed myself so much since the Milan game, utterly brilliant atmosphere, team performance and execution of the tactics! For Christ’s sake stop moaning about how badly Wigan played! WE DIDN’T LET THEM!!!…Oh and ps. If every other team could play “So badly” against us for the rest of the season; i’d be delighted and take every point…Thank you!

  • I suppose £50k is quite a bit of wonga but I presume some of the others are a bit more bargain basement…Still it’s good to see Kanu still managing to make such an impact with such little effort. The Goals on Sunday review this morning was great. Kammy obviously really chuffed for us and said that Harty and AG are getting on fine. Shots on TV of SAF and AG celebrating goal were enjoyable (peace in the middle east sort of stuff)

  • Well thanks lads, for the first time this season, I drove the 200 miles home with a big smile on my face, now nick a result at Blackburn and we’re really on the mend !! Play Up Pompey

  • For the first time this season, from the moment we sat down, Mrs L and I weren’t nervous about losing or even drawing this one, we just knew it was going to be a good day. I was actually disappointed there were only 4 added minutes, I justed wanted it to go on. Also, Mrs L pointed out, it was nice of Wigan to enter into the spirit of the day and dress as pumpkins.

  • mrs L phoned the quay didnt she? i am pretty sure i heard her talking when i was in the car on my way back to my cousins as it sounded like here and she did mention the dressing up as pumpkins for the occasions…

    penton, i am not trying to take anything away from how well we played – we were fantastic, then again i could say we have a number of times this season but not got what we deserved but wigan were bloody awful, probably the worst team i have seen at fratton for donkies years…

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