Date: 10th February 2011 at 9:44am
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The realisation that Pompey are going to go through ANOTHER change of ownership is becoming a more likely reality.

With this comes that same old feeling of déjà vu…

Talks about a deal being done ‘in weeks’ are starting to surface – this time by what, when talking to The South China Post, Balram Chainrai has said.

He has said that talks with CSI are ‘progressing’ and that these are ‘positive’.

Chainrai also said that ‘other parties are interested’ but the talks with CSI are the best ones so far and he ‘hopes’ a deal can be agreed within 2-weeks: ‘talks are going well with CSI and negotiations are progressing.

‘Other parties are interested and we are still listening to all offers.

‘It’s too early to confirm anything, but the talks we’re having with CSI are very positive.

‘I hope for a decision to be made in the next two weeks.’

The reality is that whatever Chainrai says, and however quick he might want this deal to go through with CSI, or whoever it might be, it WILL take much longer!

And to be honest it SHOULD take longer as we NEED to make sure it is the right move this time as some long-term ownership, in the right way, is what we need to stabilise things!

I do not think that we can use previous takeovers as a marker as to how long it will take, because these were quite frankly farcical, unprofessional, unorganised, uninterested and above all NOT in Portsmouth Football Clubs best interests, in the main.

To be fair to Chainrai, whilst he is no angel, far from it, and the manor of his takeover seems so wrong in many ways, without that we would have no PFC as we know it, right.

Quite what CSI will bring PFC ‘should’ they complete a takeover remains to be seen…

Chainrai though feels that he is doing what is best for the club: ‘I want to let Portsmouth fans know we are doing our best to find the right buyer who will inject the needed capital into the club.

‘It’s encouraging news for everyone and I hope it shows fans that we’re doing our best for Portsmouth.’

Something that I ‘think’ will happen, should this go through, would be that David Lampitt would move on – those that want him out will be happy then!

I say this because the CSI group have a CEO involved, with previous of being a CEO at a football club – I maintain my thoughts that Lampitt has been a good thing for PFC and would be sad to see him move on.

Of course I could, and hopefully will, be wrong…

All manor of stories about CSI, and those involved in the group, are surfacing – what is fact and fiction I do not know?

A lot of this seems very unsavoury, and plenty are questioning them – to be fair understandably after what we have been through.

Surely though given all the ownership issues with clubs, especially our club, in recent times the checks that these people will have to undergo from the football league will be with the finest of fine toothcombs?

Surely every person involved will be scrutinised to the fullest and no stone left unturned.

Once again my main thoughts on any takeover, should this happen, are that we get someone in that WILL run the club in the right way – that way is not investing millions after millions that is only done in loan format with ludicrously high interests rates with the clubs future mortgaged against this.

I also, once again, say that whilst it might not look like it on the surface, the way we are being run at the moment is in effect the way we need to be run in many ways as until the higher earners, which CANNOT be replaced by other high earners, come off the wage bill then living with a modest squad is the only way we can even operate as a club.

At the moment, as it feels far to much like déjà vu at this stage, I think the best that I, or anyone really, can do is keep and open mind, right?

In all honesty I cannot bring myself to ‘dig up’ info on these people, I am tired of doing this, that is NOT to say that I do not care, I care about this club more than most other things in life.

I also cannot bring myself to be too optimistic or pessimistic either way about any of this at the moment as I cannot bring myself to set myself up for a rise or fall either way, we have had enough of this over the past 24-months or so, more than most will in a lifetime…


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