Date: 7th January 2009 at 12:34am
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Jermain Defoe has completed his return to Spurs.

I thank him for his goals while here, but do not thank his loyalty – ok, perhaps we helped him out of the door as we needed the money, but I doubt he needed much encouragement and any that he did Harry Redknapp was happy to oblige with, and he did help him without a doubt despite what old twitchy says!

When Benjani left for Citeh to allow us to bring in Defoe plenty were split on this, without doubt we were getting a better goalscorer but we lost so much of the fight, spirit and team ethic that we had with the big Zimbabwean – and now we are left with neither… Despite the obvious difference in quality if I could turn back the clock 12-months I think I know quite safely what route I wish we had taken…

But, we now move on – it is best to get rid of a player if he does not want to play for us, and in all honesty he never wanted to play for Portsmouth Football Club did he, he played for ‘Harry Redknapp Football Club’. As said before, we need to get this club back to Portsmouth Football Club, and even if that means weeding out more ‘top stars’ to do so, then so be it! Although I do not think that there are many, if any more, that do not want to be here now.

Adams continues to get a hard time, and his tactical awareness, or apparent ‘unawareness’ could be aiding his downfall but I maintain my thoughts that his genuine, honest nature is something that I like and want – if he is given some funds then I feel he can build his own side and is the man to bring the true Portsmouth Football Club identity back to the club. He really wants to succeed and wants what is best for the club – is that not what we all want? I would settle for relegation scraps every season if it meant we had our club back again and players that want to be here.

In terms of out and out goalscorers the England striker is going to be very hard to replace, particularly at a price we can afford, but if we can bring in a player that actually does want to play for the club and the shirt, his effort and commitment could be worth almost as much to the club as goals! Lets give Dave Nugent a go up top in the meantime, ok he might not be good enough but unless we try we will never know. Playing Peter Crouch as a lone striker is not going to help anyone, and if anything is going to frustrate Crouch so much that it could force him away from the club…

Although I do now I write an open letter to Peter Storrie and Sacha Gaydamak pleading with them to take heed of a player that I feel would be fantastic for us and would love us to make a move for, this fella being Leroy Lita – do it, it makes so much sense! The fella is proven at this level, he will score goals for us and is very, very much in the Defoe mould for me – the best thing of all is the fact that he will cost as little as £350,000 ‘apparently’, what have we got to lose – even we can afford that amount. Should all work out well, and I feel it would as he would score, we could easily sell him for 10 times, hell, 50 times that, so from a business point of view we would be laughing, and business is how football is run these days.

Anyway, I digress yet again – no one else seems to be talking up an intent to leave, everyone else seems content and happy, in fact it is being ‘reported’ that Younes Kaboul has actually spurned an advance from the mighty Milan, who were impressed with him when we met in the uefa cup. He is ‘said’ to have labeled Adams the best coach that he has worked with and a man that has taught him so much. The Frenchman went on to say, well a so-called ‘source close to him’ actually said on his behalf, that he wanted to stay with Pompey for a long, long time – now that is loyalty that I do like, and others could learn from!

Hopefully the ship has been steadied and we can get back on course with Adams given some funds to bring in a couple of players, although to be honest I am not holding my breath and Redknapp, and the media, can stop unsettling players and basically get off our backs – Redknapp needs to wind his neck in and stop acting as the ring leader for this, he really is winding me up now the way he is ‘lording’ over us and looking down at us from his perch – well in his opinion anyway, going on about deals being good for Portsmouth and being what they wanted and Adams being given the money to bring in new players – he probably knows as well as you or I that the chances are he will see little or none of it, the twitchy so and so…

Anyway though, as said we draw a line under this unsavoury incident and move on.


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