Date: 20th November 2008 at 1:39pm
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Defoe an injury doubt
As we all know Jermain Defoe picked up a ‘slight knock’ against Germany for England last night, and this is leading to ‘reports’ that he is a doubt for Hull’s trip to Fratton this weekend…

Anyone that thinks Hull will be a ‘pushover’ merely needs to look at the league table and their results, and how closely they have pushed the top sides this season, to know it will not be easy so we need all the players available that we can. That said ‘if’ we did not take the 3pts off Hull I will admit I would be disappointed!

Should Defoe miss out, and I hope that he does not, then this ‘might’ at least open the door to Dave Nugent – who I would prefer to partner Peter Crouch out of the rest of the bunch – and as we also have a big uefa cup game with Milan coming up next week would it really be such a bad thing to ‘air on the side of caution’ with the England man?


Bergkamp open to ‘future’ Pompey role?
Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp is said to have told the Dutch media that he was offered the assistant managers job at Fratton, but he turned this down due to the fact that he did not feel he was ready at this point in time – but has not ruled out a future role, after he has finished his coaching badges…

Tony Adams is leaving the door open for another person to be added to his coaching set up, with him saying that a ‘young local’ coach could be someone he looks at to give a chance.

Whilst Bergkamp clearly is not local, he is young and is starting out so I would not rule out a future role alongside his former Arsenal teammate, and if he could take his thinking brain that he had on the pitch, which was one of the best ever, and use it off it then we could have a fine – even if inexperienced – tactician alongside our manager in the future?


Appian to sign ‘shortly’
That is the ‘sensational headline’ that setanta sports put to an article about Stephan Appiah committing his future to a club very soon, which instantly made me think ‘were signing Appiah?’ So, it did the job they wanted!

In actual fact he has not said, or claimed, who he is signing for he has merely stated that he needs his future sorted out very soon – with it then ‘claimed’ that he has held talks with Pompey and West Ham, although earlier in the week he was going to Spurs…

The talent and ability that the Ghanaian has cannot be doubted or disputed, but some have the fear that he is another of footballs ‘mercenaries’ – and those, although to be fair most are seen as that these days, are not the types I want us to have. I also ask myself ‘why’ has he not fixed himself up with a club yet? Is he asking too much money, is he not fully recovered from his injury so clubs have doubts, or is he just really planning out his next move and working hard on his fitness as carefully as he says?!

I would be lying if I said I would not want the 27-year-old to sign for Pompey as the thought of him alongside Lassana Diarra is quite mouth-watering – so ‘if’ he can prove his fitness, ‘if’ he is not demanding a kings ransom then ‘if’ its feasible bring him in – a lot of ‘if’s’ there! I would give him a 1-year deal, and if he proves a smash hit and feels he is ‘better than us’ come the summer then at least we can sell him at a profit, and would clearly have benefited from his performances in the meantime!

All in all though, I will believe he is going to sign for Pompey if/when it happens to be honest…


15 1st teamers out of contract
You may remember that some 2 weeks ago or so Vital Pompey commented on a thought that Peter Storrie said about ’15 players being out of contract this summer’ – well The News, just a couple of weeks behind, has focused on this today…

15 players sounds a hell of a lot – but this does include loans – but in all honesty the vast majority are not players that do, have or even will feature that much in the 1st team again and all in all, as tough a decision as it is I say ‘get rid of the lot’, well almost the lot!

I am not entirely sure who is out of contract, but have a fair idea and do not think that many ‘star names’ are on that list, not ‘star names’ that are not coming towards the end of their careers anyway.

Sol Campbell, Noe Pamarot, Sean Davis, Richard Hughes and loanees Armand Traore and Nadir Belhadj are the ones that I think about most – and think most, ‘I would like to possible keep these’…

Although, that said if I – and of course I do not make these decisions – had to make a choice I think I would most like to keep Hughes, Traore and Belhadj. The Algerian ‘should’ be tied down in January, the Arsenal man Traore depends on Arsenal letting him go – but if they would then we should snap him up and Hughes is the only one from the rest that in my thinking would happily play the role of a ‘squad player’, whereas the rest would not.

The likes of Davis, Pamarot and Campbell, particularly at the stages they are in their careers, will want to play more often than not, and I am not sure they can, or will. Campbell has shown that he can still be a top class defender but he is on a hell of a lot of money here, so his time could well be up – and with Younes Kaboul coming through I think it softens the blow. It would be with a heavy heart I would say bye to those and someone like Hermann Hreidarsson but Kanu, Lauren, Djimi Traore and particularly the waste of space that is Richard Duffy can go no questions asked as far as I am concerned!

It is a tough call to make, and one I do not envy Tony Adams making but all in all I say get the big broom out and sweep away the vast majority, most of which are fairly big earners that are not doing much – if anything – to earn this, which annoys me most of all when I would do what they are ‘meant to’ for peanuts compared to what they get…


No offers for Pompey

And finally, as he fended off more ‘rumour’ about Pompey Peter Storrie has once again denied that there has been any interest in a takeover at Pompey, with no offers placed for the club…

For what its worth, I still feel there is something brewing, but ‘if’ anything happens it will only be done with the best interests of the club at heart.

Yep, those that run the club are business men but they also have a dream for the club that they know we desperately want to see happen – and deserve to see happen, so only someone that could offer more than those currently in place would be allowed to do so!

So, there we have it guys – plenty to chew over, so thoughts on all of the above as always please…


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