Date: 30th March 2009 at 7:50am
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So, we have some 15 players out of contract in the summer (or seeing their loans with Pompey end) it is almost time to decide who deserves a new contract and who does not deserve the drippings from my nose, well ours noses!

I was going to look at them all together, but I think I will do them one at a time… Simple question, and as the bearded one would say, ‘deal or no deal?’

Theo Gekas – loan ends

I cannot say that I have seen the Greek play, well not that I can recall anyway, and given the current situation with him and the club I do not think that I will although it would have been good to have done so.

I was always ready to give him the chance to prove what he could do, as his goalscoring record a club and international level has been fantastic over the years, and I guess I still would but I have not liked his attitude – granted we do not know the full story but no man is bigger than the club, so if asked to play in the reserves you play, if not you do not suddenly waltz back into 1st team reckoning.

Bridges, which are maybe beyond repair, need fixing but if they can or not remains the big question we need answering. I did have this funny feeling that he would do a job for us, but maybe not though…

Deal or no deal? No Deal.

I know it was always next to impossible to say this for sure, but as I say I suspected that he would do a job and this would see us take up an option to bring him in on a longer-term deal in the summer, but not now.

There is still time to redeem himself, and scoring for Greece the other day would not have gone unnoticed I would hope, but it just appears that too much bad blood has been spilt too soon?

For a loan player, well any player for that, to believe that they are above playing in the reserves is not on – had he done this instead of refusing, as he has again since, chances are he would be more heavily involved now.

These are my thoughts, what about yours? As always please share them below…


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