Date: 6th May 2009 at 12:47am
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I cannot quite decide if I think Sean Davis is being ‘smart and genuine’ with what he says or ‘keeping his options open’, I am leaning more towards the former, but I guess I have become somewhat ‘cynical’, almost ‘disillusioned’ by the game and how you interpret what is said and what actually happens in this day and age of football…

Davis says that ‘there are a few players – including myself – who are out of contract at the end of the season, but we will worry about that at the end of the season’ and ‘at the moment it is all about making sure everything is right on the pitch. There will be time to sort out our futures in the summer,’ all of which I do like hearing, and think is the way it should be.

But liking what I hear is what worries me, that makes me think it is said simply because it is the kind of thing we want to hear – but he is a genuine sort that means it when he says it right?

Despite being ‘linked’ to Wigan he claims not to be thinking about that and also believes that others are thinking the same, and are not thinking about ‘next moves’ or ‘being released’ so it is not a case of ‘rats abandoning a sinking ship’ as it could be viewed, ‘even if players were looking to move at the end of the season – which I do not think many here are – then you are not going to impress anyone by shirking challenges or playing half-heatedly,’ and this, the ‘shirking challenges’ is something that I felt Niko Kranjcar had been guilty of before his injury, then again I would probably say that he did this no less than he usually did to be fair!

Here lies my problem, is Davis saying all of this to say what is wanted and to cover himself for not signing a contract that was offered to him?

Afterall he was offered one was he not – and this after repeatedly saying he wanted one! So why was it not signed when offered? That said, to be fair to the guy, how often had we looked to ‘palm him off’ over the years, so it must be good to have the boot on the other foot for a change!

He is another that has said the players are fully behind the current management team, which is good, but not so good if all of those backing them are either released or sold in the summer – would the next wave of players be as ‘supportive’ of them? If not, then if my worst fears are materialised and we do not start next season well, should they and the fans then turn on Hart then it would not take long for him to be out the door…

He finished by saying ‘we are confident that we can get the results we need to stay in the Premier League, then we can rebuild and start to push on and progress like we have done over the last few years.’

I too do think we will now be safe, and this makes me think that he does indeed want to stay – and in all honesty we desperately do need him to stay! Ok, he might not have the quality we had become ‘accustomed to’ but he undoubtedly has the never say day attitude and commitment that we love, and will almost certainly need again next season – and arguably have lacked despite ‘the good times’ – in what is likely to be another ‘long old slog!’

Davis does genuinely want to stay doesn’t he? That said will we even give him the opportunity to do so…


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