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Toast is back after a break in North West London and what an enjoyable one it was too.

Most things about the day out were very well organised, the stadium, the transport, the policing etc. but I know a few of you had problems here and there.

The highlight of the day was the story I heard about a young girl who had spent hours making her blue and white tickertape. Apparently she had obtained sheets of coloured paper and spent ages cutting it into neat slivers to get the maximum effect when she propelled it into the air. It was placed neatly in a carrier bag and smuggled into the stadium.

Before taking her seat she visited the ladies toilets and on leaving washed her hands. Placing the bag over her wrist she approached the hand drier but the force of it was stronger than she thought and the day’s first tickertape display then took place in the ladies rather than in the stands. She was of course distraught and despite the efforts of a few to pick it all up she left in tears.


We have some catching up to do after our break

7th April Derek Gamblin was 65, George Ley 62,
9th April Mick Kennedy 47,
10th April Steve Claridge 42
12th April John Lathan 56, Stuart Croft 54,
13th April Gerry Creaney 38.
14th April Noe Pamarot 29,
15th April Craig Foster 39,
16th April Arjan De Zeeuw 38, David Birmingham 27,
17th April Jimmy McIlwraith 54.

Derek Gamblin will be an unfamiliar name to most. He was one of a few amateur players that George Smith had as emergency cover when he decided to run just one team in the mid 1960s. Gamblin, an England Amateur International full back, played just one game for Pompey which was in fact the last game before the 1966 World Cup when Bury were thumped 4-0 at Fratton.

George Ley the every popular left back with the good looks and thumping left foot was mentioned recently by Jimbo in a Toast semi final special. Yes he won the Football League Review best looking footballer one season with George Best finishing second!!

Arjan De Zeeuw possibly one of the most popular players to pull on the blue shirt in the 21st century. Plucked from obscurity to be part of HR’s push to the Premier League. Many doubted he would be up to the Premiership but he proved them all wrong. Sold by Alain Perrin, was the first of so many mistakes, which lead to his demise. Had wonderful temperament as was best shown with the ‘incident’ with El Hadji Diouf where he showed remarkable restraint.

And finally Mick Kennedy another favourite with the fans in the mid 80s. Mick did not have the greatest skills but feared no one and could stop anyone else playing against you. Was sold by Deacon in early 1988 playing his last game for Pompey in the famous 2-0 win at the Dell.

The growth of Vital Pompey and the success of Pompey

Has anyone out there noticed something? This has been an outstanding season for Pompey and a memorable year for all at Vital Pompey. Toast would like to ask are the two linked.

The evidence is quite simple, Pompey are on the crest of a wave and have accrued record points in the Premier League and due their highest finish since 1955. This could lead to the club’s first ever qualification for European competition. A player nominated as Footballer of the Year. Then there are 21 clean sheets and 14 away wins oh and I almost forgot an FA Cup Final appearance.

Meanwhile Vital Pompey under the new ‘boss’ Pompeyrug has gradually grown in the last year. The membership has increased steadily and the number of members writing articles is now phenomenal. It seems like everyday someone different has an article published and they are all good reads. Some other ‘unofficial’ Pompey sites produce some quality stuff but not with the speed, quantity and diversity that VP does.

Which other Pompey site has had its members interviewed on MOTD2? Has had contributors nominated for national awards? What other site has members who admit to drinking Stella heavily during games?

So the two have risen hand in hand it would be wrong for one to credit the other with their success but many congratulations are due to both on a job (almost complete now) well done.

My Worst XI

Toast asked you to nominate your Worst Pompey XI and Pompey4me came up trumps. Here is his selection –

GK Chalkias: Wasn’t his debut against scum at their place?
RB Griffin: Started awfully, but did endear himself with some hard graft, still not very good.
CB Traore: Crazy legs!
LB Kenny Black: More a midfielder, but I HAD to find room for him.
RM Utaka: Can’t stay on his feet, Can’t be bothered!
CM Skopelitis: SKIPPY! A Perrin type player, nuff said!
CM Quashie: Still remembered today…. every time a shot is a mile wide!
LM Mornar: Anyone who looks like Voldemort should be in here.
CF Aspinall: Used to waddle like a duck!
CF Baird: 1 goal in 20 games, and ugly as sin!

Mbesuma: Just how unfit was he?
Robert: Lost my voice every game he played.

Manager Alain Perrin Just terrible over here, looks like winning the French title this year though.

I left a centre Back out to fill in by ‘popular demand’ because I just couldn’t think of a bad one! People can suggest and then I’ll decide who I want in my team.

I shouldn’t have thought we’d be where we are now if this lot was the starting XI.

Thoughts anyone? Is there anyone I missed, or anyone I have unfairly put in. (expecting lots of pro-Utaka’s!)

Remember it’s just a bit of fun, and theses thought are mine, and mine only, but shared by many of you I bet!

Well get those Centre backs names coming in to help P4me – Toast has opted for Malcolm Shotton.

Well that’s it for this week, keep your different ideas coming in we have some to use but would welcome any other XIs or contributions.

Play up Pompey!!

Written by easneydave.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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11 Replies to “Dave’s Sunday Toast – #12”

  • Correct Tony. Shotton was an emergency buy to replace the injured Noel Blake and played only 10 games. We conceded 24 goals in those games.

  • another excellent read dave as always.
    good – if that is the right word to use – 11 p4me!

  • Great article – prompts my worst XI

    GK Russel Hoult – never worth his transfer fee
    RB Chris Lawler – ex Liverpool player under Shankly he was in the side relegated to Div III under old Anfield mate St John. A ‘big’ signing at the time he was well past his best! Never forget Willie Johnson WBA & Scotland winger skinnying past Lawler time after time at Hawthorns in 1975
    LB Tony Taylor – in Div III relegation team at end of career.
    CB Carl Tiler – aka as ‘donkey’
    CB Malcolm Shotton – couldn’t cope with top flight football
    RM Eamonn Collins – one of Ballys favorites – too short & ball passed him by
    CM Jimmy McIlraith – joined us in first Div 4 season & regularly sent off and booked. Waste of space.
    CM Mick Travers – 70’s carthorse of midfielder
    LM Robbie Enes – one of Venebles Ozzie buys – hopeless
    CF Jeroen Boere – 4 apps in 94 on loan – v.poor
    CF Peter Price – couldn’t make jump from Div 4 to Div 2 in early 70’s – big disappointment

    Collins Mbesuma – never buy a player off a video (Messrs Perrin, Storrie & Mandaric to blame)
    Lee Sharpe – ex Man U gone to seed
    Mladen Rudonja – Milan’s mate
    Ian Baird – all muscle & no finess

  • Carl Tiler & there must be room for Kevin Harper. Happy Birthday to Mick Kennedy, he was great, the hard bugger in the mid 80s, loved him.

  • nice 11 FP Dec 16th 1972, i know that dave will be loving that and i darwe say it’ll get a mention in a future sunday toast edition 🙂

  • Certainly will Rug – in fact we could use them as a sort of poll. Next week though we look at owenspompey’s team!!

  • Scott McGarvey… Surely can’t miss him out in an all time worst xi – Some great (or not so actually) memories from FP DEC 72… too – I’m still here fellas .. watching from the sidelines and jumping on when I can … latest news on the house about four weeks to go before I can move back in !! Normal service will of course be restored then !

  • Ok, It’s looking like Malcolm Shotton has passed a late fitness test and made it into my team!

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