Date: 29th April 2008 at 10:11pm
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News being released that Darren Purse’s red card against Burnley has been rescinded by the Football Association of Wales committee on Tuesday afternoon.

It hasn’t even been classed as a bookable offence! It has been reported the Andy Cole needed 10 stitches in a leg wound.

It begs the question why the hell hasn’t the English FA had a say in this? Cardiff play in the English league don’t they? Who are on this committee of the FAW?

So Purse, the captain of Cardiff can play in their last league game against Barnsley & is available for the Cup Final. What a surprise!

Give a player a little slap in the face & you get a 3 match ban in England!!! More double standards!

Written by storagematt.

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26 Replies to “Darren Purse – More Double Standards!”

  • so lets get this straight cardiff are a welsh side yet they play in the enlgish league, and have done for donkies years but the FAW reside over them not the FA, yet the FA helped play their part in getting cardiff awarded a uefa cup place if they beat us, yet a blatant red card – having said that ive not seen it – is overturned by the FAW even tho cardiff play in the english league? god forbid one of our players gets sent off in the next couple of games as it’ll cause mayhem!

  • Who is in charge of football in England-the FA or the FAW? How can the FAW overturn a red card given by an English ref in a game played in England in the ENGLISH Premier league? Perhaps we can look at all offences by any Cardiff player during the season and get the FA to issue belated red cards for them.

  • it an absolute joke isnt it, yet im not laughing as its not funny ha ha funny is it… unbelievable – yet worryingly believable!

  • What football league are they a part of? Seriously I think it’s stupid them being in our league full stop.

  • My comments written two hours ago when I heard the news……….That takes the **** biscuit – Why don’t they just give the **** cup to Cardiff now .. It’ll save us gonna to Wembley to see two of our players sent off and a them awarded a penalty in the last minute for a challenge outside of the box… I’m livid at this.. **** livid !……… My view hasn’t changed !

  • Careful; we’re all in danger of being conspiracy theorists who think that, whatever, we do, it’s their name on the cup not ours. Bo**ocks. The best team on the day will win and we are the best team. End of. Let them have their little “victories” but it won’t stop us on the day.

  • I am not worried about them with or without Darren Purse but I get angry when a club gets the rules bent to get their own way. That goes for any club not just Cardiff. We couldn’t get ANY relaxation of the rules so Defoe could play in the Cup yet the FA and FAW bend the rules twice for Cardiff. The pitch at Wembey will now probably be left as a cow paddock with long grass and mud so Cardiff feel at home and our ball players and pasdsing game are useless. Does anyone know what nationality the head groundsman is at Wembley?- WELSH?

  • Imagine Distin or Muntari doing that in our final games, we would have no chance of an appeal! How is on the FAW committee? The Cardiff chairman! I am irrate by the whole thing & the Welsh Anthem makes me mad. The quicker the final comes & we stuff them the better. Roll on Dragon Slaying Day.

  • All the more incentive to kick their Welsh trog arses back over the other side of the Severn Bridge! I have always had an inexplicable loathing of the Welsh – now at least that loathing is becoming more logical . Up and at ’em Pompey the dragon slayer!

  • I have just heard guys – The final is being moved from Wembley to the Millennium Stadium so the Cardiff fans don’t have to queue to get out of Wales!

    Seriously though you can look at the tackle on youtube by typing in ‘darren purse red card’ – How it is not a red card I do not know!

  • When you see it on youtube you’ll be horrified that is overturned. Purse totally accepts the red card without fuss. His lunge ‘for the ball’ was above knee height. The FAW wouldn’t have changed there tiny minds if it wasn’t for the cup final. They should be accountable for this decision.

  • can we complain to the english fa, or too fifa, or uefa (…actually, come to think of it, if we complain to fifa or uefa, we will be banned from football,a s they hate england!). The welsh FA have no RIGHT to decide whether it was a red card or not – whetheer it is or it isnt. its a matter for the enlish fa to decide,

  • Whats next Welsh rules for them, English for us, so they can have 15 players to our 11,& all 15 can pick the ball up & run with it.
    This is the FA cup final PORTSMOUTH V Cardiff, ENGLAND V Wales, PREMIERSHIP V Championship, RIGHT V Wrong, GOOD V Evil, Oops! sorry getting carried away, but in all said & done it does make one a tad angry.
    Now lets go & out sing them,out play them & most important out score them COME ON POMPEY.

  • yep no matter how angry or frustrated we aret the main thing is we go and win – that will do me…

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