Date: 26th March 2010 at 10:54am
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I am telling you, I have joked repeatedly to friends and family that Portsmouth Football Club will ‘be the death of me’, although in recent months my health genuinely has dipped so I think it is because of this – so perhaps it will be!

These fears about OUR club are not being eased anymore with recent events.

So, the few ‘remaining assets’ for the club – the players – now look like being flogged outside of the transfer window, although I do not know who Admin Andy – who now ‘claims’ the debt is £100m! – thinks he is kidding if he thinks we can ‘raise’ £20m-£30m through player sales! Does he think we CAN sell loan players as well? As lets face it most of these are the ones with most value to them! Either that or he is literally going to try and sell every last one of them that aint nailed down on a loan back basis!

What about the future?

Meh, its not important…

So much for ‘not interfering with the playing side of things,’ he seems to have complete power, even the coaching staff admit as much, so can do what he wants – although I suspect this is under the orders of someone else, even though this is ‘not meant’ to be the case. We ARE seemingly continuing to be stripped bare, or at least that is what the attempts to do are…

Clearly he IS ‘very cosy’ with Balram Chainrai, that much seems obvious from the way he has ‘bigged him up’ the other day, which – for me – answers the question ‘who’s best interests is he working on behalf of?’

There have been conflicting stories, and views, especially in the past day or so that Chainrai IS going to bring the club out of administration and takeover, others say that other than ‘getting his money back’ he has no interest in the club.

Sorry guys, I know it might not be a popular opinion but, in spite of how it might look on the surface and ‘how he saved us’ before, I DO NOT see Chainrai as a ‘hero’ and DO NOT want him to takeover this club!

I DO NOT want him, or any of those that have brought us to our knees involved in ANY way, shape or form – in all honesty I am not sure how much life we have left in us, but it kills me to think that we could actually ‘welcome’ a man back into the club with ‘open arms’ for him to only then continue the raid and leave us for dead, well we have basically been left for dead as it is, the fatal blows will be delivered!

For one thing HOW could the guy, having ‘seized control’ of the club, that put us into admin then take us out of it? Is it even possible for him to do this – surely it cannot be legal can it?

Then again WHY did he not just ‘save us’ before if he wanted us that bad…

Does anyone REALLY think that he has ‘fallen in love’ with the club and would do this for ANY other reason than just to ‘get his money back’, and if he did gain complete control again I reckon he would get this and more, probably much, much more!

It WILL be the club funding things, not Chainrai, via the money generated from player departures and the parachute payments etc. I doubt that much, in fact any, of his own money will go in – even in ‘loan’ forms – and only minimal amounts of that, which is generated and paid to us, will go back in – and we will limp along with basically no more than needs to going into the club, despite an amount continuing to go out…

Yep we DO have to start getting some trust back, and cannot ‘no no’ everybody but in many ways I am not sure that ‘Balu’ is any ‘better’ than those that went before him, he is just a more ‘respectable’ face, but a face that nonetheless is well in with those that have been and gone before – so I cannot say that this face is fooling me and do not think we should be taken in by him!

I think that in the weeks and months ahead I ‘might’ have to make one of the toughest calls of my life you know!

Portsmouth Football Club is my life, I love this club, but I do not know if I would renew my season ticket if Chainrai, who WILL say this and that to ‘win people over’, took control of the club. I could see him bleeding us as dry as others have, in fact maybe finishing the job others started by stripping away the final assets that we have and taking the parachute payments, which will be fairly substantial over the years, and much of this ‘could’ be advanced?

As I say this club means the world to me and I always said having got my season ticket back a few years ago I would NOT give it up again, my life would be empty and my weekends would be incomplete but I am not sure I would be happy ‘putting money into anyone else’s pockets’, as enough of this has been siphoned off in recent times!

It is a double-edged sword in many ways, we know the club need money but can you really justify continuing to put it in when you honestly do not know what is happening with it? I am finding it increasingly hard to think I can carry on doing this – putting money in, even for something that means as much to me as this club…

This past 10-months or so, when things have been at their worse, have been soul destroying. Honestly it feels like I am being eaten away from the inside out, with it getting a little worse with each passing day. How the premier league, well Admin Andy for that matter too, can say that ‘allowing us to sell players’ and/or ‘the advancing of money’ is ‘helping’ is also beyond me! All this after the premier league said they WOULD NOT allow such a thing to happen – quite clearly, if it needed to be made any clearer, they just want to do whatever they can to ensure that we make it through the season and then it is no longer their concern.

WHAT have we, some of the best fans – if not the best – in the world done to deserve being continuously screwed over by charlatan after charlatan that seem to almost blatantly expose in our faces the fact that they have been extracting the urine out of us! What can we do? I do not know but we cannot let this continue can we?

Like I say, this probably – the thoughts on Chainrai ‘the hero’ – WILL NOT be a popular view among many, and for that I am sorry guys, but – and this in not a ‘he is the latest target to take blame for our plight’ train of thought – if I were not so sure on this, and him NOT being someone that I would want taking over as I cannot see the good in this, I would not say this…


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