Date: 29th July 2010 at 7:48am
Written by:

Some 3,000 tickets have been sold for Linvoy Primus’ testimonial this weekend.

3,000! Surely the guy deserves more than this, right?

I know that many people are completely fed up with things at the moment and the club at the moment, and some are so disillusioned that they will not be returning this season – although some 9,000 season tickets sales is not bad going at all is it? – but Linvoy deserves something more and I do hope that tickets sales rocket in the coming days…

Linvoy is an absolute legend and deserves to see a full house as he has done – and no doubt will continue to do so much – on and off the pitch for us, as fans, and this club and if anyone is using their anger at the club, or our situation, for a reason not to be at Fratton this weekend this is sad to hear.

I am hoping that the fee that is being charged, £2 I think for some ticket sales, is putting some off and tickets will be purchased on the day instead.

In fact I am sure that this is the day and A LOT of tickets will be purchased on the gate.

As far as I know Linvoy is donating most, if not all, of the proceeds from his testimonial to charity – Faith + Football I think.

If you can make this game PLEASE do, as said this guy deserves this – it is HIS day not Portsmouth Football Clubs, so lets not lose sight of that.


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