Date: 7th November 2007 at 4:22pm
Written by:

He earns more in a week than I could probably dream to earn in a year, yet Djimi Traore had still been threatened by the bailiffs that his car would be confiscated if he does not pay up the £2,000 he owed in council tax.

What’s this all about? Come on Djimi times cannot be that hard fella that you cannot afford a couple of grand, you could always visit your former Liverpool team mate John Arne Riise for a sub if needed…

I am not going to get into this ‘footballers get paid too much money’ and all this rubbish, blah, blah, blah as you can argue that for most walks of life but with him earning around £80,000 – if not more – per month this would be pocket change to him surely, after all he lives in an apartment at Gunwharf!

He is a craft sod though, as in order to make sure that he did not have his car clamped at the Pompey training ground he got one of his Pompey team mates to drop him to training! For whatever reason he was not paying it, but he is not stupid is he, even though his comical own goal a few years back would suggest otherwise…

Apparently he has agreed to now pay the bill by credit card, after several reminders and a court summons – incredible.


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